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Golden Age Nostalgia Resources


The American Highway Project is a fascinating page after page celebration of the American Highway System, from The American Highway Project, Inc.

The American Roadside website helps visitors stay in touch with the American Roadside, too often relegated to a relic of a bygone era. Much of the original roadside is now lost, a victim of changing times, property values, suburbanization and the corporate takeover of nearly every sector of business--and making it harder and harder for the surviving "Mom and Pops" preserve what's left of this genuinely American resource.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is one of the most active and successful nationwide historical preservation organizations. Their mission is "Helping people protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them." Visit their site and see what you can do to get involved.

Roger Johnson's Welcome to America is a wonderful, thorough, coast to coast tribute to travel through the United States.

The World's Largest is a fascinating exploration of 'little towns with big things". A must see documentary.

the american motel website is an interesting collection of motel postcards, assembled by state.

Linkin' Highway is more than just a play on words. It's an interesting and comprehensive page of links to roadside america, its history and architecture. The site is a feature of The Society for Commercial Archeology.

Established in 1977, the SCA is a national organization devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th-century commercial landscape. is a comprehensive and continuously updated web site dedicated to drive-in movie theaters and their history.

Whether you're new to drive-ins or a seasoned veteran, this website should have something for you. If you're new to drive-ins and planning to go to one, be sure to see their tips for new drive-in goers.

Eccentric America. With more than 1000 entries, there's never a dull moment-eccentrically speaking, that is--in America. The site--and the books it promotes--offers a provocative look at the quirky people and places on the fringes of mainstream tourism, Eccentric America guides you to some of the country's most unforgettable experiences.

'The Very First Motel' is an interesting 'savvy traveler' feature page describing the history of the very first successful motels in America.

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor's mission is very ambitious and could not be fulfilled without numerous partnerships created with other agencies, local and state governing bodies, and individuals. The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor (LHHC) headquarters is located in downtown Ligonier, PA.

In Roadside Architecture Debra Jane Seltzer shows an obvious passion for Roadside American and it's rich history. Perhaps even 'passion' understates her interest, but her enduring gift to the Internet Community are her 300 pages of a virtual compendium of Diners, Greasy Spoons--past and present--and the rich, colorful, 'Made In America' brand of National Epicuria and oddments unigue to America since the development of the trans-continental highway system.

These pages are a 'must see' for any Roadside Americana devotee. I've visited her site at least a hundred times and I still have yet to see all of it.

Lendy's Tribute Site. This site attempts to tell the story of a small restaurant in Salem, Virginia that grew to be a chain of over fifty from 1955 to the mid 1970s is the Unofficial Howard Johnson's Restaurant & Ice Cream Shop Web Site is a site devoted exclusively to finding the most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America

The Historic Route 66 web site is dedicated to provide free information for those who want to learn more about Route 66. It features a turn-by-turn road description, guiding the visitor from Chicago to Los Angeles. The forum is available for discussions regarding old 66 by the visitors of this site. There's a slide-show, with pictures from a trip down Route 66 in 1994.

Tourist attractions have a way of springing up on the Florida roadside like wildflowers -- or litter: bright, shiny and full of hope to begin with, only to wither and die when they just can't quite sustain the magic.

Visit Florida's Lost Tourist Attractions and remember some of those that have fallen by the wayside.

Do you want to know what drive-ins are still operating in your state? Are you curious about that drive-in you used to sneak into as a kid? Drive On In is your gateway to the Drive Ins of yesteryear and today is your Roadside Guide to offbeat tourist attractions

Motels offered an inexpensive way to travel the country and expand our horizons. Motel Americana celebrates an American phenomenon which reflects an important part of US history and culture: the motel

At take the offramp into a bygone era. Discover the 2,400 miles of Route 66 and see how America traveled in the 1920's-60's

The Lincoln Highway Association website is your gateway to one of the most famous network of roads in the U.S. Discover the landscape and attractions along the Lincoln Highway as it winds its way from New York to San Francisco

View highway route markers, past and present, from around the world at Highway Route Markers

Still Cookin in the 21st Century link
Diners: Still Cookin' in the 21st Century, is an exhibit of Diner History from the Collection of Richard J.S. Gutman, which originally ran from Jan 2003 - Jun 2008, but is now on permanent exhibit.

[A tip o'the hat to subscriber Richard Gutman for the link update.]

BTW Roadside Magazine
Valentine Diners were small eight- to twelve-seat diners with a limited menu, making them ideal for a one-person operation. They provided an opportunity to operate a profitable business with very little capital.

This feature is one of many interesting historical vignettes assembled by the Kansas State Historical Society.

BTW Roadside Magazine
For anyone who's been fortunate enough to stumble across it, Pops Restaurant in Arcadia, Oklahoma is an amazing experience. Located well off the beaten path on old Route 66, it's an amazing homage to the wonderful diners of the Route 66 of tradition. A must visit for anyone traveling within 100 miles of it. If you can time your visit for after dark you'll be treated to one of the most amazing neon pop bottles you've ever seen.

BTW Roadside Magazine
While admittedly a site erected to promote the book, Diners of New York, the authors have gone out of their way to provide real-time resources and links to some of New York State's most interesting roadside diners. Well worth a visit to their resources.

BTW Roadside Magazine
Beth Lennon's Retro Roadmap is a weblog with an interesting twist. Ms. Lennon dutifully maintains a 'Retro Roadmap' with GoogleMaps, tracing the growing number of fascinating retrospective and nostalgic byways she and her blog subscribers have encountered in their travels.

BTW Roadside Magazine
Diner Hotline is an interesting weblog about diners. Just diners: diner coffee mugs, photos, memorabilia and lots more. Well worth a visit.

BTW Roadside Magazine
BTW Magazine Online. Travel America's back roads and main streets to find genuine diners and other unique attractions with By The Way's Online Magazine

The 66 Diner
The 66 Diner. "Dedicated to preserving the spirit of the roadside diner along ROUTE 66. Their recipes come from Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors (except for Ernie's liver and onion recipe. . . which he forced on us). Their food is always fresh and always the absolute best they can offer. Their food, service and decor are all a very special part of the homage they pay to a vanishing part of America's history - ROUTE 66".

The state-by-state directories which Diner City has compiled will help you to locate the best diners in your local area or along your travel route. I have also assembled photo collections of other roadside sites of interest including Classic Motels, Drive-Ins, Cafes, Coffee Shops, Hot Dog Stands, Gas Stations, and points of interest along America's most celebrated highway, Route 66.

Dinermite Diners Inc. offers a complete turnkey diner opportunity. They are not a franchise and don't require you to buy protective territories! You pay no royalties and no preset advertising fees. You can serve whatever food you wish and set your own hours of operation

The Silver Diner chain
There is something special about a diner from nostalgic tabletop jukeboxes to comfortable booths to the friendly people. The Silver Diner chain of vintage diners bridges the gap between tablecloth restaurants and fast food, the old-time diner is the perfect answer.

The American Diner Museum
The American Diner Museum is a non-profit organization established in 1996 to recognize the diner's cultural and historical significance as well as its national importance

Modular Diners, Inc. is the right place to get a new, great American classic Stainless Steel diner.

Your diner will look like a genuine 1950's American retro diner and include all the cooking equipment, seating and more.

United Diner Construction Setting the Standard in Quality and Style.

With the exploding market of casual and informal dining United Diner Construction is setting the standard and leading the food service industry in the newest design and architectural trends, with concepts such as "retro", "art deco", bistro cafe, fine theme restaurants and banquet facilities.

Diners for Sale.

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The Jean Shepherd Show, 'A Christmas Mood', from Dec 22, 1972