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Click to play The Jack Benny Program #607, 'It's A Wonderful Life', from Feb 02, 1947

Use the player above to play The U.S.O. Farewell Program hosted by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

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Browse some great Nostalgia, Pop Culture and Retrospective resourcesBrowse some great Institutional Retrospective SitesBrowse some great Pop Culture Tribute sitesBrowse some Nostalgia Ezines

Click the image to enjoy this 8-minute clip from 1941's Sun Valley Serenade with
Glenn Miller's Orchestra, Tex Beneke, The Modernaires, Dorothy Dandridge
and The Nicholas Brothers performing 'Chattanooga Choo-Choo'
(Not a streaming video. Expect 1 to 2 and a half minutes to load.
. . . or buy a Mac and it'll start almost instantly.)

Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting
VAV! is a truly integrated iconic Vintage media platform with an online magazine, a Vintage radio resource, and a Broadcasting Station cutting edge resource.

Join us as we benchmark your vintage products, and influence the mainstream with 'Vintage' while finding talented stars at 'the corner Drugstore.'

"We'd be delighted to engage, advertise and highlight your Vintage products, venues, passions, tastes and talents with a global audience through Vintage Allies © and Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting ©--VAV!. We also invite your Non-Profit and Educational messages--from the sublime to the conversational."

America in WWII is the the eZine [and bimonthly magazine] that tells the story of Americans fighting World War II at the battle front and on the home front. It’s a time capsule of history and nostalgia that puts readers shoulder-to-shoulder with the Greatest Generation, winning the Good War.

Their national bimonthly magazine immerses readers in the American experience of World War II.

Retrospective Magazine

The former 'Port Halcyon' is your online refuge from the modern world. Their 'online town' feeds your need for vintage music, fashion, culture and lifestyle with articles, reviews, shopping, discussion, contests, entertainment, and more. Dig in!.

ATOMIC Magazine is the essential guide to retro culture. They report on the influence of mid-20th century style on modern trends in fashion, filmmaking, music and design.

Now in its 9th year, BoomerCafé is the Internet's most popular online magazine for baby boomers! Are you a boomer? If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are!

Coury Turczyn's Excellent Pop Cult site is a repository for really good, journalistic pop culture writing. A Must See for Pop Culture 'true believers'.

Retro Radar celebrates a time when virtues were golden and people were the priority. A time when families gathered around the dinner table to talk about their day, when a car was a work of quality craftsmanship, and a trip to the cinema was like an escape to a fantasyland of infinite possibility. But this is no history lesson—it’s the best of what was that still is today.

Share tidibits, web sitings, interesting trivia regarding material and popular culture at

At browse through the fun and fascinating fashion, collectible, activity and event fads of the last 100 years. They are constantly updating the site, so enjoy your visit and come back often because these are the fads you wished would stay forever (or never come back)

Hot Rod Nostalgia's print "magalog." Part magazine, part catalog, HRN combines the features, photos, cartoons, columns and event coverage of a magazine with more than 1000 quality collectibles for sale.

Visit the Lonestar College Kingwood Library Cultural Tribute site
The Quite The Stir Bungalow...A Bed and Breakfast Homefront Style is a fascinating blog run by Jolene, an equally fascinating lady. Full of classy tributes to the 1940s, each new installment is a wonderful reminder of what made The Greatest Generation great.

If you're planning an event in the Northeast, you might also want to check out her Event Planning Site.

Holt Webb's Vanishing America
Holt Webb's fascinating Vanishing America is a brilliant young photographer's tribute to those parts of America too long overlooked or forgotten. It's an online photographic journal of his travels across the U.S.

. . . a fascinating and compelling visual--and visceral--showcase of vanishing America.

Visit the Lonestar College Kingwood Library Cultural Tribute site
The purpose of the Lone Star College Kingwood Library Cultural History pages is to present a series of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century. The pages are being prepared by the Reference Librarians. Period pictures used are those of the family of the web author(s).

You'll also find their 19th Century Cultural History Tribute pages equally fascinating.

At you can rediscover the wonder of Theater Under the Stars. Drive-in theatres have dwindled, but are being rediscovered and are recovering; offering romantic cinema al fresco under the stars, larger screens, a nostalgic alternative, and also a greater value for your dollar. The Drive-ins offer an experience that is larger than merely SEEing a movie, and choosing to see a movie at the Drive-in is an opportunity to support a fragile tradition and to help preserve the presence of the Past.

The New York Times Called the ConelraD website a "Eerie, creepy look at Cold War Culture. It's a fascinating website, full of page after page of 1950s nostalgia. A can't miss visit, for sure.

Kansas Public Radio's Retro Cocktail Hour. A weekly nod to the Space Age Pop revival. Here you'll find vintage recordings from the dawn of the Hi-Fi Era - imaginative, light-hearted pop stylings designed to underscore everything from the backyard barbecue to the high-tech bachelor pad. is a family-friendly Web site dedicated to the commercial art of mid-century America. Here at the nostalgia factory in Fairfax, Virginia, the assembly lines clank nonstop and the smokestacks belch 24/7 to deliver a high-quality assortment of jpegs, gifs, tiffs and the occasional vector graphic.

Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe: The 1930's
"One Comment--wow! We need more of these pages from Lisa"

Roads!de Peek. "An Adventure in Time". Roadside Peek will take you on a roadside journey in time. As you travel, visit old motels, bowling alleys, drive-in theatres, neon signs, petrol pumps, googie sites, tiki villages, and much more.

Fifties Boulevard is a Graphic Portrait of the Fifties in America. Come home to the fifties you remember with food, fashion, cars and much more.

Yes, this site is a blog, but a blog on steroids, truly sharing Modern Mechanix' far-reaching notions of "Yesterday's Tomorrow, Today". Page after page of fascinating clippings and full articles from the magazines that shaped much of the popular culture from the 1920s through the 1960s--the Era of The Golden Age of Radio.

It could use a little work, but what site can't? But as far as keeping a site jam packed full of the worst and so-so movies from the Drive-In era, there are few sites on the internet that offer as much on the subject.

Brian's Drive-In Theater is a fascinating look back at the movies that drove all of us to neck instead of watch.

Truth In Advertising is a bittersweet commentary on the Cigarette Advertising of the '40's, '50's, and '60's. Ascerbic, but accurate, it's a poignant depiction of the power of advertising in a void of oversight.

Lost America. "The Abandoned Roadside West". Troy Paiva's captivating site is a must see for both lovers of nostalgic roadside America, as well as lovers of truly beautiful and compelling photography.

The Baby Boomer Generation site is a source for trends, research, comment and discussion of and by people born from 1946 - 1964

John's Old Car and Truck Ads

John, at John's Old Car and Truck Ads was fortunate enough to come across a large collection of old ads for cars, trucks and accessories from the very beginning to around 1970. Like many of his pictures they were fist posted on:
but that doesn't take a thing away from the wonderful resource he's provided us. Considering how successful "John's Old Car and Truck Pictures" was, he decided to share these old ads in much the same way. is an interesting reflection our concepts of what the future might bring during the 50's through the 80's. Beautifully updated ( in full-out retro fashion, naturally ), this site has become a fascinating and beautifully structured tribute to the 'future' of yesteryear.

Yesterland. Did you ever wonder what happened to Disneyland's Mine Train, Flying Saucers, or Indian Village?

These and other attractions, restaurants, and shops are now collected in Yesterland, a theme park on the Web.

Defunct Amusement Parks wanted to provide information on parks that are gone. There are books about parks that have gone out of business but there is little general information or any list of defunct parks & rides anywhere. Hopefully this will be the start.

63 Years of the USO in Pictures. For sixty years the USO has meant a little bit of home in a faraway place. Where Americans have gone, the USO has gone. A private in the U.S. Army provided a succinct testimonial to the USO when he wrote in 1941: "Golly, it was good to have a bath ... We soldiers will be thankful for it the rest of our lives."

The Los Angeles Public Library's wonderful Photo Archive is now searchable, and free. It's an amazing resource, reflecting the culture of Southern California dating back to before the 20th Century.

The Palm Springs Preservation Foundation was established in 1997, as a non-profit educational foundation, to identity and recognize historic sites, which set Palm Springs apart from other desert communities. Their "Village" history, reflected in unique architecture is as distinctive and diverse as is their population growth. Since then, it's scope of awareness has grown to include the entire Coachella Valley, especially pertinent since the senseless demolition of Neutra's Maslon house in the city of Rancho Mirage in 2002.

The Art Deco Society of Washington, D.C. is a nonprofit organization established to foster public awareness and appreciation of the Art Deco period through volunteer actions to preserve the era's decorative, industrial, architectural, and cultural arts and celebrate the period's dance, film, and music.

The New York Public Library's magnificent Digital Gallery provides access to over 600,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.

Reno Bailey's outstanding tribute to small town America. The entire website is devoted to anything and everything historical and trivial about Cliffside, North Carolina. But the site is filled with nostalgic trivia about American Life during the Golden Age of Radio. is based in the amusement park area of the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn New York. Since 1983, Coney Island USA has developed a number of different programs such as the Mermaid Parade and the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Coney Island USA also operates the Coney Island Museum and produces Ask the Experts, Burlesque at the Beach, the Coney Island Tattoo and Motorcycle Festival, Creepshow at the Freakshow, and the Coney Island Sideshow School.

The Authentic History Center is a project of High School Teacher, Michael S. Barnes, to assemble as much material as practical to aid students in their study of Popular Culture. It's an interesting site of interest to anyone.

At The Museum Computer Network you'll find Links to over 1,700 international museum and museum-related WWW sites

Norfolk and Western Historical Photograph Collection (6650 image records). These images are available in TIF format unless otherwise noted. ca.1905-69. ft. Collection contains ca. 30,000 photographic images taken by the Norfolk and Western Railway''s Public Relations Department. Subjects include locomotives; cars; coal mines; stations; cities and towns; Roanoke, Virginia; farm scenes; resorts; train wrecks; colleges and universities; group and individual portraits; and caves and caverns. Some photographs date from as early as the 1880s, and a large group of glass plates dates from the early 1900s, but the bulk of the photograph collection dates from the 1920s or later.

Northwestern University's exceptional collection of World War II Era Posters. You'll find over 300 well annotated and catalogued WPA, Civil Defense, and World War II Propaganda posters here.

TODAY'S INSPIRATION Leif Peng's wonderful Blog, Today's Inspiration is a place for those with an interest in illustration from the 40's and 50's to share their knowledge, views and opinions. If you'd like to join the Today's Inspiration daily email list and receive these scans at full size, click on my profile below at right, send me an email through the address there and put 'Sign me up!' in the subject line. Welcome!

Cartoon Retro [Membership ONLY] is a new web project created by Illustrator and animation designer Shane Glines. (Spumco, Warner Bros. Batman, Batman Beyond, Superman.)

Cartoon Retro is home to the world's largest online archive of vintage illustration, animation, comics and cartoons.

Cartoon Retro explores and celebrates the lost and forgotten work of the many brilliant illustrators, cartoonists, designers, actors, models and muscians from the golden age of the 1920's through the 1960's. This work is presented with an emphasis on analysis and study in an effort to bring the craft of the golden age masters into the present through application in our own work.

Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information for designers and Web developers. Their aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends and techniques in Web development: clearly, precisely and regularly. We try to convince you not with the quantity but with the quality of the information we present. That’s what makes us different. We smash you with the information that makes your life easier. Really.

The purpose of The American Sign Museum is to preserve, archive and display a historical collection of signs in their many types and forms. The Museum also documents and surveys the products and equipment utilized in the design and manufacture of signs, and offers biographical information of the people who have contributed to the industry.

AirStream Trailers--even the 2007 models--positively scream nostalgia while merely sitting there. Few objects from the Golden Age or Radio have survived relentless updating and fiddling with like the AirStream Trailer. You'll find every Airsteam resource you could hope for here.

317x is an interesting little site with a couple hundred of scanned LP covers from the '50's, '60's, and '70's. A small, fast, effective site that does just what it purports to do.
PaperPast is a handy resource for hundreds of graphic images and ephemera from the 40s through 60s.

1950's British Radio Nostalgia from the BBC.

Mister Retro is a retro graphics site chock full of great filters, design elements and PhotoShop effects for anyone developing state of the art Retro designs.

The GarageFonts Type Foundry has over 750 original typeface designs available for download, from designers across the globe. Check back regularly for new additions and features!

The Font Diner. Offers a wonderful selection of hard to find retro fonts. A beautifully designed site. A must see.

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