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Digital Deli-Formatted Logs

We've been using this format for a twelve years for our own collections, having refined it a bit over time. You'll notice the following features, in stark contrast to the other 'episodic' logs you'll find from the un-provenanced, error-prone, and widely plaigerized commercial 'otr' logs or vanity-published 'otr book' authors:

  • 1. They're spelling and syntax-checked [e.g., they're not littered with 'OTTER-illegal' characters or innaccurate titles]
  • 2. Field entries are all on one line (or within one cell), instead of several.
  • 3. The dates are formatted for 'database-friendly' sorting and organization
  • 4. They're all 'drag-and-drop' or 'copy-and-paste' friendly for use with your preferred tagging system or database.
  • 5. Preemption dates--and rationale--are included within each log to disambiguate inaccuracies
  • 6. They're PROVENANCED--right on the page wherever practical. Provenanced as in 'proof' that they're as we researched them. Our 'proof' isn't recycled from the inaccuracies of other 'otr loggers'. They're all our own, backed up by the sources we researched--and show--to obtain or correct them. Contrary to the other loggers of the 'otr' world, we have nothing to hide, nor will we ever hold anything back.
  • 7. And last but not the bit least, we actually listen to our recordings before we log them. Yes, we know that's a technique that's virtually unheard of in the 'OTR' world, but that's our method and we're sticking to it. We find that one self-evident prerequisite helps immeasurably in creating accurate logs of our holdings.

This format has saved us hundreds of hours cataloging and reorganizing our own set of over 5800 Radio series. If you find that these logs help you save time as well, please make a $1.00 - $2.50 donation through either the PayPal or Amazon Honor System links throughout the site. Please help if it's within your means. Thanks in advance! (Don't be like everyone else. Support useful Shareware. Please make a fair contribution if you're really finding them useful. Thanks).

As a reminder, you can use this format with our invaluable little Perpetual Calendar, as well, to verify or help nail down any questions you may have about the accuracy of an indicated schedule changes within any series.

NOTE: Where they are in .pdf formant, they're compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6.0 or above.

Programs header

# - # Favorite Sports Stories of Grantland Rice Note from Your Soldiers Notebook
26 By Corwin Favorite Story Now Hear This
2000 Plus Fear On 4 (BBC) O - o
A - a The Fifth Horseman Obsession
A Case for Dr. Morelle Fifth Row Center Once Upon A Tune
A Christmas Carol The Fighting AAF Origins of Superstition, The
ABC Mystery Theater Fire Chief Concert, The One Out Of Seven
Abroad With The Lockharts Five After The Hour One World Flight
Academy Award For Your Approval The Opie Cates Show
Admiration Coffee Shop The Ford Show Orson Welles Almanac
Adventure Ahead Ford Theater Our Land Be Bright
Adventurer's Club (1947) The Forty Million Our Miss Brooks
Adventures By Morse Four for The 5th P - p
Adventures In Industry Four Star Playhouse Pacific Story, The
Advs. of Bill Lance, The The Frank Fontaine Show Pat Novak . . . for Hire
Advs of Ellery Queen, The Free Company, The Paul Temple
Advs of Frank Merriwell, The Free World Theatre Penelope's Progress
Adventures of Frank Race, The Freedom U.S.A. Pete Kelly's Blues
Adventures of Harry Nile, The Frontier Fighters Philco Radio Time
Adventures of Maisie, The Frontier Gentleman Philip Morris Playhouse
Advs of Philip Marlowe, The Frontier Town Philip Morris Playhouse On Broadway
Advs of Rocky Jordan, The G - g Philo Vance
Adventures of Sam Spade, The Gallant American Women Phone Again, Finnegan
Advs of The Abbotts, The General Electric Theater Phyl Coe Mysteries
Advs of The Blue Beetle, The The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Plays By Ear
Advs of The Falcon, The Grantland Rice Story, The Plays for Americans
Advs of The Thin Man, The Great Challenge, The Police Reporter
Advs of Topper, The Great Gildersleeve, The Ports of Call
Advs of Wild Bill Hickok, The Great Plays Powder Box Theater
Agatha Christie's Poirot Great Moments from Great Plays Presenting Charles Boyer
Air Castle Great Scenes from Great Plays Price of Fear, The
Aldrich Family, The Green Hornet, The The Private Files of Matthew Bell
Alka-Seltzer Show, The Green Lama, The The Private Files of Rex Saunders
America Looks Abroad Gunsmoke Prudential Family Hour of Stars
American Adventure H - h NBC's Pulitzer Prize Plays
American Novels Hall of Fantasy Pursuit
American Portraits Halls of Ivy, The Pursuit of Happiness
American Story Hallmark Playhouse Q - q
American Trail, The Hallmark Radio Hall of Fame The Queen's Men
Americans All Immigrants All Hap Hazard Quick and The Dead, The
America's Composers Hardy Family, The Quiet! Please
The Amm-i-dent Show The Harold Peary Show R - r
Anacin Hollywood Star Theater Haunting Hour Radio City Matinee
Ann of the Airlanes Have Gun, Will Travel Radio City Playhouse
An American Gallery Hawk Durango Radio Detectives, The
An American In England Hear It Now Radio Hall of Fame, The
Anthology Hearthstone Death Squad Raffles (BBC)
Arch Oboler's Original Plays Heirs of Liberty Railroad Hour, The
Arthur Hopkins Presents Helen Hayes Theatre Real Moments of Romance
Author Meets The Critics, The Hello, Americans Recollections At Thirty
Author's Playhouse Here's To Romance Red Ryder
Avalon Time Heritage Over the Land Redbook Drama
Avenger of Justice, Inc., The The Hermit's Cave Request Performance
B - b Heroes of The Merchant Marine Results, Incorporated
Bakers' Theater of Stars Hidden History Rexall Parade of Stars
Barrie Craig, Conf. Investigator The Hidden Revolution Rexall Summer Show with Ray Bolger
Battle Stations! The Hidden Truth Rhythm Inn
Behind The Mike The Hinds Honey and Almond Cream Program Richard Diamond, Private Detective
Best of All Hollywood Academy Award Rocky Fortune
Best Plays Hollywood Mystery Time Rogue's Gallery
Better Living Radio Theater Hollywood Players Romance
Beyond Tomorrow Hollywood Premiere Romance of the Ranchos
Bickersons, The Hollywood Star Playhouse Romance, Rhythm and Ripley
Big Show, The Hollywood Star Time Rotary Golden Theater
Big Story, The Hollywood Theatre of Stars S - s
Big Town Horizons West The Saint
Bill Stern's Sport Desk Horror Inc. Sammy Kaye's Showroom
Biography In Sound Hour of Mystery, The Sara's Private Caper
Birds Eye Open House I - i Satan's Waitin'
Black Book, The I Love Adventure Screen Guild Theatre, The
Black Mass I Was A Communist for The FBI Sealed Book, The
Black Museum Illusion Sears Radio Theatre
Blackstone, Magic Detective In Person Dinah Shore Secret Agent K-7 Returns
Blondie Information Please! Secrets of Scotland Yard
The Blue Playhouse Inheritance Shadow, The
Bold Venture Inner Sanctum Mysteries Shakespeare Cycle
Boston Blackie Inspector Thorne Shirley Temple Time
The Bourjois Show Intrigue Sherlock Holmes - USA
Box 13 Island Venture Shorty Bell
Bradbury Thirteen It's A Crime, Mr. Collins Showcase
Bright Star It's Higgins, Sir! Shower of Stars
Broadway Is My Beat J - j Si and Elmer
Brownstone Theater The Jack Webb Show Silent Men, The
Burns and Allen for Campbell's Jeff Regan, Investigator Silver Theater, The
Burns and Allen for Gen'l Cigar Jergens Hollywood Playhouse Six Shooter, The
Burns and Allen for Grape=Nuts The Jerry Lester Show Skippy Hollywood Theater
C - c The Joan Davis Show Sleep No More
Cabin B-13 Joan Davis Time Soldiers of The Press
Cadillac Choral Symphony, The Joe Palooka Somebody Knows
Café Istanbul Johnny Fletcher Somerset Maugham Theatre, The
Call for Music Johnny Madero Pier 23 Something For the Girls
Call the Police Jonathon Thomas and His Christmas On The Moon Songs by Dinah Shore
Calling All Cars Jumbo Fire-Chief Program, The Speaking of Liberty
Calling All Detectives Jump-Jump and The Ice Queen Speed Gibson of The I.S.P.
Campbell Playhouse, The Junior Miss (Shirley Temple) Stage Struck
Can You Imagine That? K - k The Star and the Story
Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209 Knights of The Road Star for A Night
Captains of Industry L - l Starring Boris Karloff
Case Book of Gregory Hood, The Leave It to Joan Star-Spangled Theater
Case Dismissed Let George Do It Star-Spangled Vaudeville
Casey, Crime Photographer Lights Out Stars in the Afternoon
Cathy & Elliott Lewis On Stage Line-Up, The Stay Tuned for Terror
CBS Feature Projects Listeners Playhouse Stephen Graham, Family Doctor
CBS Forecast Lives of Harry Lime, The Stories of Pacific Powerland
CBS Is There ('You Are There') Lives of Great Men Story Behind The Song, The
CBS Radio Adventure Theater Lives of The Great Story of Dr. Kildare, The
CBS Radio Workshop Little Blue Playhouse Strange As It Seems
CBS Stars in the Afternoon The Little Man Inside Strange Dr. Weird
Cecil and Sally The 'Living' Series Strange Wills
Ceiling Unlimited Living In A Atomic Age Straight Arrow
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street Lord Peter Wimsey Streamlined Shakespeare
Charlie Wild, Private Eye Love Story Magazine Stroke of Fate
Chase, The Luke Slaughter of Tombstone Studio One
Chesterfield Time M - m The Sun Ranch Chuck Wagon
Christopher London Macabre [FEN] Suspense
Cinnamon Bear Magazine Theater T - t
Cloak and Dagger Magnificent Montague, The T-Man
Clock, The Magic Island Tales of Fatima
Club Car Special The Magic Key of RCA Tales of The Foreign Service
Coca-Cola Top Notchers Man Called 'X', The Tales of the Texas Rangers
Columbia Presents Corwin Man Behind The Gun, The Tales of Tomorrow
Columbia Workshop Man From Homicide, The Tell It Again
Comedy Theatre, The Manhunt Texaco Town
Comedy Writers Show, The Marine Story Texaco Star Theater Summer Show
Confession Mario Lanza Show Textron Theatre
Continental Celebrity Club Martin and Lewis That Hammer Guy
The Cobbs Mathew Slade: Private Investigator That Was the Year
Couple Next Door, The Maxwell House Coffee Time | Frances Langford Theater Five
Creaking Door Maxwell House Coffee Time | Burns and Allen Theater Guild On the Air, The
Creeps By Night Maxwell House Good News Series' Theater of Famous Radio Players
Cresta Blanca Carnival McGarry and His Mouse Theatre of Romance
Crime and Peter Chambers Medicine U.S.A. Theatre Royal
Crime Classics The Mel Blanc Show These Are Our Men
Crime Club Men of Vision These Four Men
Crime Correspondent Meet Mister McNutley The Marriage
Crime Does Not Pay Meet The Press The Tenth Man
Crisis! Melody and Madness The Witness
Crisis In War Town! Men At Sea This I Believe
The Croupier Mercury Theatre of The Air This Is Civil Defense
The Cruise of the Poll Parrot M-G-M Musical Comedy Theatre This Is My Best
Curtain Time M-G-M Theatre of The Air, The This Is Our America
D - d Michael Shayne, Private Detective This, Our America
Damon Runyon Theatre The Modern Adventures of Casanova This Is the Story [AFRS]
Danger, Dr. Danfield Molle Mystery Theater This Is War!
Dangerous Assignment Mr. and Mrs. Blandings This Is Your FBI
Dangerously Yours Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons Time For Love
Danny Kaye Show, The Mr. I. A. Moto To The President
Daredevils of Hollywood Mr. President Top Secret
Dark Destiny Murder and Mr. Malone True Adventures of Junior G-Men
Dark Fantasy Murder At Midnight Tums Hollywood Theatre
Dark Venture Murder By Experts Transatlantic Call
David Harding - Counterspy Murder Clinic Twelve Players
Dear Adolf Murder is My Hobby U - u
Defense Attorney Murder Will Out! The Unexpected
Destination Freedom Music Depreciation Unlimited Horizons
Detour Music from The House of Squibb Up For Parole
Devil and Mr. O, The Musical Autographs V - v
Diamond Dramas Mutual Radio Theater Vanishing Point
Diary of Fate My Favorite Husband Victory Front
Did Justice Triumph My Friend, Irma Victory Parade
The Dime-A-Month Club My Little Margie Victory Theater
Dimension X My Son Jeep Victory Volunteers
The Dinah Shore Program Myrt and Marge Vox Pop
The Dinah Shore Show Mysterious Traveler Voyage of The Scarlet Queen
Doc Savage Mystery House W - w
Mystery In The Air [1945] War Telescope
Mystery In The Air [1947] Warner Bros. Academy Theatre
Mystery Playhouse Wanted!
Mystery Project, The (CBC): Wayside Theater
We Came This Way
Wednesday With You
Weird Circle
Drene Time Find The Lady What Are We Fighting For
Dunninger the Mentalist Flynn Whisperer, The
E - e Midnight Cab Whispering Streets
Eddie Bracken Show Old Guy, The Whistler, The
Eddie Condon's Jazz Concert Peggy Delaney WHItehall-1212
Eddy Duchin Show, The Quentin Nickles Wings Over America
Eisenhower Years, The R. Chandler's Philip Marlowe Wings to Victory
Electric Theater Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Woman of The Year
Encore Theater Sherlock Holmes (Gielgud/Richardson) The Wonder Show
Endless Frontier, The N - n Words at War
Eno Crime Club National Hour World Adventurers Club, The
Escape! The Nation's Nightmare World's Great Novels, The
Eugene O'Neill Cycle NBC Advance Release World Security Workshop
Everyman's Theater NBC Presents: Screen Directors' Series' Wormwood Forest
Everything For Boys NBC Presents: Short Story X - x
Exploring Tomorrow NBC Star Playhouse X Minus One
Eyes Aloft! NBC University Theater Y - y
F - f NBC's First Fabulous 50 Young Love
Fabulous Dr. Tweedy, The Nero Wolfe Your AAF
Family Doctor, The The New Burns and Allen Show Your Rhythm Revue
Family Theater, The New Theater Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
Famous Jury Trials Night Beat Z - z
Father Brown Night Watch Zero Hour
Father Knows Best Nightfall Ziegfeld Follies

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Abbott and Costello 43-11-25 041 Costello's Pet Turkey with Jane Wyman

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Amos 'n' Andy,'Turkey Trouble', from Nov. 19, 1943