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Click to Play Mr Keen Tracer of Lost Persons and The Bride and Groom Murder Case from  Jan 19 1950

Mr Keen Tracer of Lost Persons and The Bride and Groom Murder Case from Jan 19 1950

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Our server is now fully compatible with the free, open-source FTP client, Filezilla.

Vintage Radio is Family Entertainment

This is entertainment . . .

  • for those lazy days by the pool with the family
  • for those evenings up at the lake
  • to reminisce about how simple life was and still can be
  • that reminds us of simpler choices and values--values we can recapture
  • with iPod-friendly encoding and tagging

Timeless, wholesome, constantly entertaining, and produced from the very inception of Modern Radio to entertain an entire Family through sound and imagination alone.

We're a Preservationist site. As such, we respect both the period we celebrate and its wealth of historic, cultural and social messages. This was a unique period in American history; a period of disaster, both financial and geo-political. But it was also a period of unprecendented hope and recovery--both economically and spiritually. The spirit of a great Nation is nowhere better preserved than through virtually every recording produced during the Golden Age of Radio--both here and abroad.

What sets Our Collection apart?

1. Family-friendly site content. We take our ICRA Rating seriously.

2. 100% .mp3 Pro standard, .flac or .ogg content. No RealMedia, highly compressed .asf, or freeware-compressed recordings.

3. No 'stereo-ized' recordings. 99.9999% of the vintage recordings from The Golden Age of Radio were monophonic. Stereo-FM didn't begin transmitting commercially until 1958--in Great Britain. If you've downloaded a 'stereo-ized' recording from any other site dated prior to 1958 you were cheated. Why do many morally challenged download sites 'stereo-ize' their recordings? Simple, to double the recording's download size so as to cheat you.

4. iPod-friendly encoding. This is afterall, where The Golden Age of Radio meets The Digital Age.

5. Complete and accurate tagging and authentically themed, original cover art.

6. Provenances and 'extras' for as many programs as we can accurately research.

7. NO AUDIO BOOKS--Period! . . . nor any or other obviously copyright protected material. All of our holdings are either fair-use, public domain, personally recorded, or independently encoded offerings. All of our graphics content is 100% original, or, when appropriate, attributed to the source. Yes, you'll find sites citing absurdly ridiculous numbers of recordings--indeed as many as over an alleged 500,000 recordings on the worst of the lot--but more than eighty percent of those offerings are Audio Books with as many as 36 small segments to a single recording. We find that practice deceptive and insulting. Make no mistake . . . ALL Audio Books (as opposed to Creative Commons 'Fair-Use' eBooks) are Copyright Protected by definition. If this is what you're seeking here, you won't find it here.

8. No contemporary, non-Golden-Age related recordings. All of the recordings we post are either Golden Age Radio recordings or historical retrospectives of the period.

9. Immediate, two for one Mb credit for every incorrectly tagged or named file in our Collection. (You can help us keep the collection accurate and we welcome such assistance. BTW, we've only had to issue credits for tagging or encoding errors seven times this past year.)

10. We maintain access to a growing collection of over 26,000 original transcription disks and reels from which to add newly discovered or previously uncirculated material to our holdings every week. We've added over 2,800 reels or transcription disks to our resource holdings every year for the past three years, from either our own acquisitions or those of like-minded supporters and contributors.

11. We offer unlimited download bandwidth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. NO ONE is throttled or bandwidth-limited.

12. No inferior sourced content. Given some vendors' and online groups' stated practice of arbitrarily and recklessly downsampling--or upsampling--every recording they process, we automatically delete all such 'garbage' content whenever we encounter it, to ensure that we don't inadvertently contribute to it's further dissemination. We suggest you do the same if you're a dedicated preservationist. We routinely delete and destroy as many as 2,000 recordings a month from our collection as we find upgrades, purchase new transcription discs and tapes, or identify new, more reliable sources.

13. Last, but not least . . . We are 100% supported by your donations. No Banner Ads, no advertisers, no deceptions, and 100% Golden Age Radio Era themed content throughout. We are beholden to no one but our loyal subscribers and those generous and altruistic supporters who've continued to donate to keep the site a growing, valuable, and quality repository for as much of the ephemera and recordings of the Golden Age Era as we can continue to uncover, rehabilitate, and preserve for future generations.

Why Download From Us?

1. Novice Collectors will find both high quality and smaller encoded renditions of most of our more popular and widely collected holdings. We also maintain one of the largest collections of accompanying ephemera, logs, provenances, and authentic graphics within most popular folders to educate and support the new or casual collector. We reinvest whatever we have left over each month from donations right back into acquiring even more uncirculated recordings via transcription discs or reels. Our current holdings comprise over 5,800 electrical transcriptions, over 18,000 open reel magnetic tape recordings, and 8,000 magnetic tape cassettes.

2. Experienced and seasoned collectors, can both add to their existing holdings and upgrade their existing episodes to the highest quality in circulation. We respect other serious preservation efforts and continue to trade with other serious collectors from our extensive--and growing--collection of electrical transcriptions, open reel magnetic tape recordings, and magnetic tape cassettes.

3. Institutional Sources. Both archival Golden Age Radio sites and educational institutions find a wealth of historically accurate, high fidelity recordings here. If you are a Educational institution, college or university, we'd be happy to offer you either an institutional quote for access to our archives or free access to our archives for a valid research project. Historical accuracy and Preservation are our two most important priorities.

4. We're Preservationists. We contribute to the Preservationist Community. We're the only Golden Age Radio Archive freely accessible via the Internet that actively preserves and creates new content week in, week out.

5. Most important of all, you can't be cheated with our FTP archive. Has it ever bothered you to order a CD only to find out days, weeks or months later that you bought several duplicate episodes, mislabeled episodes or a woefully incomplete set described as complete? Was the audio as bad as they warned you it often is? There's a reason for that: they make no effort whatsoever to either contribute to vintage radio preservation or maintain accurately tagged, labeled or complete current compilations of their recordings. We continually--24/7, 365 days a year--update out archive, culling out inferior recordings as better ones surface, or by adding our own first generation, digitized updates and fills to our collection. We've added or upgraded over 10,000 recordings from our own first generation transcriptions and tapes this last year alone. Ever download a set of Bold Venture only to discover that several new episodes have surfaced? Don't buy another CD-full. Just download the new fills from our meticulously maintained archive.

There are a growing number of commercial sites and Online Groups offering Internet FTP, PodCast, Streamload (or the equivalent), CD and MP3 Services using our content, having built much of their libraries from our distinguished collection. (Note: This is a specific violation of our user agreement. Publishing their downloads data here is not a violation of our privacy agreement which we honor for all subscribers until they violate that trust). If you've downloaded or traded with any of the following sources, you've already extensively sampled our content and our collection:


Digital Deli FTP Content Downloaded


33,000 Episodes


27,000 Episodes


43,000 Episodes


27,000 Episodes

Yahoo Groups 187,000 Episodes

(Note that most of these sites or groups immediately (and proudly?) downsample--or upsample--the content from our collection before reselling it, so as to get more episodes on their servers, 'distros', or CD's. This is a gross disservice to the preservation of Golden Age Radio--and a disservice to the end-user and collector. This is a practice we both discourage and detest. We believe in preserving Golden Age Radio at the highest fidelity acheivable from available sources. With high bandwidth data service now widely available, and disc archive data storage capacity growing exponentially, there's no longer any excuse for maintaining or delivering anything but the highest fidelity recordings to the serious Golden Age Radio preservation community.)

Try Us With Complete Confidence . . .

Virtually all of the Internet's most prominent commercial Golden Age Radio vendors have built as much as 50% of their collections from The Digital Deli's Golden Age Radio Holdings. Indeed, if you've been downloading or purchasing .mp3 recordings from virtually any popular Internet Source for the past 9 years, there's a 30% - 40% chance you've been downloading Digital Deli Online recordings right along. Since we're a not for profit service, we don't compete with these vendors. But note that these successful Golden Age Radio vendors continue to trust The Digital Deli Online's holdings to build their offerings from our extensive, diverse, quality holdings.

Two worldwide, ongoing research efforts have collectively downloaded in excess of 38,000 and 163,000 files from The Digital Deli's FTP Holdings, with the goal of building two of the most completely documented collections of Golden Age Radio Episodes and Shows yet attempted.

If you have an ongoing Golden Age Radio preservation or research effort underway, we're prepared to help you--at no cost or nominal cost, with any of our resources. Feel free to contact us with your proposals. Simply click the 'Comments Please!' button on any page, and we'll work with you in any way practical.

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Here's What Some of Our Subscribers Are Saying (We don't bribe our subscribers with 1Gb of download credit to submit their comments. All comments are completely unsolicited):

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy the site, and admire the care and erudition that has gone into constructing and maintaining it.

I'll be a supporter forever!


"I've just checked out the site. Fantastic! I'm looking forward to spending quite a bit of time at the site. Thanks."

"Thanks for showing support for America. Being a Vietnam veteran myself, and having a son in the U.S. Army now, I'm getting pretty fed up with these nuts who trash those who put their lives on the line...
And by the way, I signed up for the free 100 megs of downloads this past week... liked what I saw (IMMENSELY!), so I just signed up for another gig. Will probably sign up for many, many more in weeks to come. Great site!" (NOTE: We no longer offer a free preview account, because we currently offer almost 1Gb of shows right from this site, served from the same server as used for the FTP Site.)

"WOW! just saw your new non-USA listings. Looks great! I am Excited! ".

"I love your site and the programs I get from you".

"Hi Dennis thanks for the preview account, i really wanted to see what you had on your site and what quality they were. i was very impressed with both. Also i must tell you i was so very impressed with your Web site, by far the most impressive i have seen, and i love to read little bits here and there . lastly the CD art work for your labels is brilliant, i have lots i have collected , but yours far surpasses them with little extras added here and there."

"I have been using your wonderful site to help improve and increase my collection and want to thank you for making this available."
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"Thank you very much -- the collection looks terrific!"

"I love the wealth and breadth of radio shows available at your site. I'm having a great time listening to the material".

"I'm about halfway through my 100MB free trial and I feel like I've struck oil in my own backyard. The variety and quality of the sound files in the Digital Deli is ASTOUNDING! I'm telling all my like-minded friends about the Deli and looking forward to joining up on the by-the-gig basis. Thank you for everything".

"You have a great site, just what I've been wanting for ages. I like your UK (BBC) programs brings back lots of memories".

"I checked out your site, and you certainly have added a lot since the last ime I visited. Congratulations on a wonderful site!!"

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"Absolutely fantastic site. I have recommended it in my links section as a must visit. I plan on checking into your ftp site too in the near future and thanks for recommending my own site."

Your Choices Are Virtually Endless

We provide over 262,000 Golden Age, Silver Age, and Radio Revival Era selections from our T3-powered FTP server, with the goal of providing over 30,000 more quality recordings by the end of the 2009 (you can help too, if you love these shows as much as we do. Read On . . .). You'll find over 12,000 individual series and shows to choose from--most of them, complete (or as complete as is known to exist in circulation).

You May Make A Donation to Help Support Our Site with Cash Or Credit Card.

We currently offer only PayPal or Amazon.com as our site donation methods for most major credit cards and e-checks. But you can also donate by cash or personal check. Click on the Amazon Honor System icon (on the Home Page), or the PayPal or Cash Icons to the right to take you to the donation pages. We offer access to our radio archives in units of Gigabytes of download access.

How many Episodes can you download with One Gigabyte of access? OUR gigabyte (1 Gigabyte = 1,073,741,824 bytes) works out to between 125 and 210 episodes, depending upon the size of each episode you select. Many entire series' of shows fall well within 1 gigabyte in size.
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Take Us Up On This Free, No Obligation, No Hassle Offer, And See For Yourself.

Save Time AND Money

You can't help but notice very quickly how you'll save hours both downloading AND cataloging your family's favorites, week in and week out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's because we take great pains to accurately ID3 Tag every selection in the library. Click on the ID3 Tagging button at the upper right for an idea of how and why we Tag our MP3's the way we do.

Is There Any LESS Expensive Way to Provide More Than 100 Hours of Quality, Innovative Entertainment to An Entire Family?

If there is, let us in on your secret.

  • DVD's? At $20 for each 2 hours?
  • The Movies for $40 for each 2 hours?
  • Cable TV at $60 for 200 hours?
Now Let's See

No other medium can provide this much pure, "between the ears" entertainment for less than the cost of Timeless Golden Age Radio.

And variety? Variety was a Radio Station's Life Blood in the early days of Radio. These are the plots, situations, intrigues, human comedies, tragedies, fears and frailties that all of contemporary Television and Modern Movies are based upon.

This was entertainment of the mind . . . of the pure imagination. This is the quality of entertainment that everyone in the Entertainment Industry since the days of the Golden Age of Radio aspires to but rarely ever attains. And the unbeatable thing about it is that with few rare exceptions in each family, it's all new again.

Join Us In This Latest Wave of Celebration of The Golden Age of Radio. See For Yourself Why it Will Always be Treasured by This and Every Generation to Come.

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'Service that Satisfies' Shinn Image from 1920's
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