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Old-Time Radio - Music Theme List. A wonderful listing of all of the Theme's associated with your favorite Golden Age Radio shows.

The National Public Broadcasting Archives began as a cooperative effort among several broadcasting organizations and educational institutions. CPB, PBS and NPR along with the Academy for Educational Development joined forces with the University of Maryland to preserve the history of public broadcasting in America. NPBA was initiated out of the concern that the history of public broadcasting was at risk to industry representatives and made a case for establishing an archives at the University of Maryland.

Great Northern Radio's wonderful Radio Theater on the Web listing of virtually every currently active Radio Theatre group performing.

SignalAlpha.com is a small, but highly informative website celebrating the History of Sight and Sound through the Golden Age of Radio. It's a wonderfully informative and attractive website well worth returning to time and time again.

KayKyser.Net is a wonderfully developing tribute to that Master of Music and Fun, Kay Kyser--and his fanciful Kollege of Musical Knowledge.

The Norman Corwin Tribute site is a complete compendium of the fascinating career of a man who literally helped raise the bar of literacy and depth in Radio Drama of the 20th century. Definitely a must visit, site.

Ivan Shreve's Thrilling Days of Yesteryear was one of the first enttries to the 'Blogosphere" dedicated to Golden Age Radio, and respecting it as such. Altogether a fascinating compendium of years of well researched articles on the Golden Age of Radio.

Paul Temple, Doctor Finlay's Casebook, Inspector West, Lord Peter Wimsey, Philip Odell, PC 49, Dick Barton, Dr. Morelle, Richard Hannay, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, The Radio Detectives, Raffles, The Man In Black, Maigret & All Gas and Gaiters

'The Thrilling Detective' is far and away the finest Detective Genre Site on the Web. It's a vast compendium of everything gumshoe. A must visit for any Detective Genre fan.

Charlie Chan.net has undergone several transformations over the years, and only gets better and more helpful, entertaining, and informative with each transformation.

A Blog on steroids, The Charlie Chan Annex is 'Virginia's' incredible BLOG-formatted website. This is arguably one of the most thorough, well documented, and entertaining homages to the Charlie Chan genre. A must-see for any true Charlie Chan aficionado.

A Fascinating Glossary of Gumshoe Slang can be found at the Twists, Slugs, and Roscoes page. Hard-boiled Detective Genre fans will love it.

Leslie Charteris' Simon Templar, alias The Saint. The Saint Club, dedicated to Leslie Charteris' Simon Templar, alias The Saint.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum. This is the home page for The Sherlock Holmes International Society. This site is chock full of Sherlock Holmes history and trivia directly from the source at 221B Baker Street in London.

Michael Sherman's exquisite 221B Baker Street site. A beautifully rendered and complete treatment of all thing Sherlock Holmesian. This site is a must see for any Sherlock Holmes fan.

The Sherlockian Net. The "Sherlockian Holmepage" was created November 22, 1994, on a Web server at the University of Waterloo, and grew steadily for five years. In January 2000, it was moved to its own space through a commercial provider, Golden Triangle On Line, and acquired the name Sherlockian.Net and its own Internet domain.

Jenny Newbury's excellent English translated verion of the French Sherlock Holmes Museum on the Net (Le Musée de l'Holmes). This is an excellent jumping off point for International takes on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tribute sites.

Sherlock Holmes 45 TopSites.

The Yes [Prime] Minister Files.

Easily the most complete, thorough, entertaining and accurate homage to these two hilarious, highly topical British Comedies.

Kenneth Williams Appreciation Society

A fan club is a group of people who tell an actor he's not alone in the way he feels about himself - from Acid Drops.

the officially unofficial I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T A CLUE

Dedicated to the multi-award winning comedy radio show--home to Mornington Crescent.

Tony Hancock Online

Celebrating the life and career of Tony Hancock - and providing a definitive source of information and to publicise the activities of the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society.

Troy Thayne's impressive 'Fear You Can Hear' site is created by the Visually Impaired & Blind for The Blind and Sighted. Their mission is to make old time radio entertainment accessible to those who can use it the most. Specializing in thrillers and suspense myteries, you'll find a wonderful not-for-profit site here that will not only please your ear, but help make it possible for others to listen to Golden Age Radio thrillers for free. Please help them out.

Jeff Kalman's excellent 'The Easy Ace: A Journal of Classic Radio' is a wonderful place to spend hours on end, rediscovering the Golden Age of Radio as it's meant to be discovered and celebrated. Article after article is filled with a wonderful new vignette about Golden Age Radio History.

Welcome to Wistful Vista by Eric Wilson

The Great Gildersleeve Home Page by Elizabeth B. Thomsen

The Gale Gordon Archive provides page after page of fascinating information about this amazing Radio and Television actor.

The Bickerson's .com--Official Web Page of The Bickersons and Baby Snooks by Paul Rapp

Amos 'N Andy In Person. Elizabeth McLeod's complete monograph on one of radio's most famous and earliest comedy series.

The purpose of Jim Clavin's excellent Jean Shepherd tribute website is to gather as much information as possible about Shep. Over the years Shep wrote many stories, articles, and columns. He was on the air almost every night for 20 years in New York, and made guest appearances on many other radio and television shows. He did live shows at hundreds of colleges across the country. The list goes on . . .

Abbott and Costello.net
"A different show to download every month"
If you're an Abbott & Costello fan (and who isn't?), this site is a must visit.

WELCOME to the revised SPACE OPERA website. This is the same site that started as a one page call for fans of the 1950's SF Television Shows . That was in December of 1996 and the response was more than expected and still continues. The New Domain Name SOLAR GUARD honors all aspects of Space Opera throughout the different imaginary universes.

Avengers On The Radio is one of the two most complete treatments of 'The Avengers' on the Internet. Their ongoing restoration is laudible and the first 13 efforts are remarkable renditions of this highly prized South African programme.

Roaring Rockets ' Space Patrol and Tom Corbett pages are full of facts and trivia about both series.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the Comics, Movies, Radio Shows and the TV Series.

One of the Web's Greatest Flash Gordon Sites, Tony LoBue's Flash GordonPages of details and history.

Popular author Larry Tye's Superman is the first full-fledged biography not just of the Man of Steel, but of the visionary writers and artists, publishers and performers, who kept aloft the red-and-blue-clad icon through seven decades and counting. Larry Tye shows us how Superman — like few other mythical characters before or since — has evolved in a way that offers a Rorschach test of his changing times and our highest aspirations.

Bill and Sue-On's ERBZine is truly the First & Only Weekly Webzine Devoted to the Life & Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Since 1996 ~ 3,000 Web Pages in Archive

The Official Blue Beetle Serial Adventure site

ThimbleTheatre. Welcome to the unique, peculiar world of Elzie Crisler Segar -- the creative genius behind Popeye, the Oyl Family, Wimpy, Swee'pea, Poopdeck Pappy, Alice the Goon, the Sea Hag, Eugene the Jeep, Roughhouse, the Whiffle Hen, King Blozo, Ham Gravy, Oscar and the other imaginative characters featured from 1919 to 1938 in the THIMBLE THEATRE newspaper comic strip and in the Fleischer cartoons of the 30s.

This page is dedicated to Sky King, both the Radio Show and the TV Series

Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang Tribute site, by his daughter Michelle.

The Brown Shoe Company's History of Buster Brown and Smilin Ed's Buster Brown Gang.

Official Hopalong Cassidy Website. Headquarters of Everything about California's Favorite Cowboy. Fascinating insider details and history about William Boyd and Topper.

The Old Corral Homepage. The Internet's most comprehensive and complete tribute to the Western Heroes of The Golden Age.

Largent's Lone Ranger Page A beautifully done and in depth study of The Lone Ranger origins and history.

Chief Thunder Cloud (Tonto) Victor Daniels Tribute Site, for a very thorough and interesting backgroud and history of the Actor first remembered as Tonto.

The Radio Hall of Fame's Tribute to The Lone Ranger, inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1988.

The Radio Hall of Fame's Tribute to Jack Armstrong, All American Boy, inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1989.

ThePulp.Net is your guide to the online world of pulp magazines. You'll find hundreds of links and interesting background on many of your pulp favorites that served as the basis for many of the Golden Age of Radio's most popular and enduring Mystery and Detectice shows.

The Shadow's www.sanctum is a rich, fascinating source for die-hard Shadow fans.

The Shadow Master of Darkness site is your gateway to everything in print, film or radio, involving The Shadow of Pulp Fiction fame.

The Shadow's Internet Sanctum provides a complete and indepth guide to The Shadow's background and history.

CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER: The fear you can hear. The ostensible 'official' CBS Radio Mystery Theater Site. Himan Brown is purported to directily benefit from this site still under construction.

The NBC Monitor Tribute site is dedicated to all of us who remember (and those who want to learn about) "NBC Monitor," the wonderful weekend radio program that aired from June 12, 1955, to January 26, 1975.

The Vox Pop Collection of The University of Maryland's Library of American Broadcasting

Modern Times' Film Noir site is a wonderful homage to the Film Noir Genre

The National Lampoon Home Page

The Taking A Leading Role exhibit of The University of Maryland's Library of American Broadcasting provides a glimpse into the lives and careers of 16 American women who worked in broadcasting during its most crucial years of development and expansion, in the mid-20th century. The diversity of their collections illuminates the myriad ways that women shaped the course of broadcasting history.

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