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Original That Hammer Guy header art

The That Hammer Guy Radio Program

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Mickey Spillane at work circa 1952
Mickey Spillane at work circa 1952

Mickey Spillane's first outing as a writer was penning the character Mike Danger in 1941
Mickey Spillane's first outing as a writer was penning the character Mike Danger in 1941

Signet No. 699 Spillane's I The Jury was his first Mike Hammer novel
Signet No. 699 Spillane's I The Jury
was his first Mike Hammer novel

Signet No. 791 Spillane's My Gun Is Quick was his second Mike Hammer novel
Signet No. 791 Spillane's My Gun Is Quick was his second Mike Hammer novel

Signet No. 915 Spillane's The Big Kill was his fourth Mike Hammer novel
Signet No. 915 Spillane's The Big Kill
was his fourth Mike Hammer novel

Billboard announcement of an audition for an NBC deal to bring Mike Hammer to the air from July 19 1952
Billboard announcement of an audition
or an NBC deal to bring Mike Hammer to the air from July 19 1952

G and D Vermouth introduced many of the early That Hammer Guy episodes
G & D Vermouth introduced many of the early That Hammer Guy episodes

Esquire Magazine for men was an ideal co-sponsor for That Hammer Guy
Esquire Magazine for men was an ideal
co-sponsor for That Hammer Guy

Women might well argue against the notion that General Mills' Kix for Kids was an even more ideal co-sponsor for That Hammer Guy
Women might well argue against the notion that General Mills' Kix for Kids was an even more ideal co-sponsor for That Hammer Guy

And of course what self-respecting radio noir detective drama of the era would be complete without a cigarette co-sponsor--in this case Camel Cigarettes
And of course what self-respecting radio noir detective drama of the era would be complete without a cigarette co-sponsor--in this case Camel Cigarettes

Larry Haines circa 1950
Inner Sanctum alumnus Larry Haines portrayed Radio's first Mike Hammer

Affable George Petrie provided a Mike Hammer bridge between Larry Haines and Ted DeCorsia when the production moved to Hollywood
Affable George Petrie provided a Mike Hammer bridge between Larry Haines and Ted DeCorsia when the production moved to Hollywood

Rugged Ted DeCorsia assumed the role of Mike Hammer for the entire Hollywood production run of That Hammer Guy
Rugged Ted DeCorsia assumed the role of Mike Hammer for the entire Hollywood production run of That Hammer Guy

The production moved to the Mutual Don Lee studios in Hollywood for the Ted DeCorsia run of That Hammer Guy


By the Fall of 1952 young author, Mickey Spillane, an ex-Army Air Corps Flight Instructor and practicing Jehovah's Witness had sold 13,000,000 of his Mike Hammer Signet paperbacks throughout the world. Spillane had taken the Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett brand of crime noir to new levels of hard-boiled mayhem, death and crime vernacular:

1947 I, the Jury (a Mike Hammer mystery)
1950 My Gun Is Quick (a Mike Hammer mystery)
1950 Vengeance Is Mine! (a Mike Hammer mystery)
1951 The Big Kill (a Mike Hammer mystery)
1951 The Long Wait
1951 One Lonely Night (a Mike Hammer mystery)
1952 Kiss Me, Deadly (a Mike Hammer mystery)

By 1954, Spillane's novels--in any form--had been banned for importation or sale in West Germany due primarily to their murder, sexual content, and mayhem. Spillane's notoriety didn't escape the attention of the Entertainment world. 1953 brought Spillane's first novel, I, The Jury to the big screen, starring Biff Elliott as Mike Hammer. Within four years, another four Mickey Spillane novels reached the big screen:

  • 1954 The Long Wait with Anthony Quinn as Johnny McBride
  • 1954 Ring of Fear with Clyde Beatty and Mickey Spillane as themselves
  • 1955 Kiss Me Deadly with Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer and young Television actress Cloris Leachman in her first major Film role
  • 1957 My Gun Is Quick with Robert Bray as Mike Hammer

I, The Jury (1951) by all contemporary accounts had been a real stinker. The experience proved so disappointing to Spillane that he resolved to do the next Mike Hammer novel for Film as himself. A campy classic to this day, Ring of Fear (1954) was as much P.R. gimmick as 'art'. Spillane struck a bargain with Clyde Beatty of action-adventure films, Radio and of course, the Circus, to team up for a pot boiler about a series of murders in Beatty's Circus. By Kiss Me Deadly (1955), Spillane had apparently learned to let cooler studio heads prevail and the film proved to be one of Spillane's most successful Film adaptations of his novels.

Early Television got in the act as well. By 1954, Spillane was auditioning a Mike Hammer pilot for Television. Featuring Brian Keith as Mike Hammer and written and directed by Blake Edwards, the pilot didn't take. It was Radio that first brought Mike Hammer to a regular mass audience, with quality scripts, convincing performances, and a reasonably authentic Mickey Spillane 'feel.'

CBS . . . errr, NBC . . . errr, Mutual brings Mike Hammer to Radio

How Mike Hammer reached the 'golden dial' was something of a detective yarn in itself. Here's an announcement from the Billboard magazine of March 8, 1952:

An announcement from the Billboard magazine of March 8, 1952

As interesting as the proposed CBS deal was, we found it even more interesting that CBS was trying to persuade John Wayne to do a western series for Radio to replace Commodore's wildly successful Hopalong Cassidy. Ironically, it was John Wayne who helped bankroll two of Spillane's films. But as it transpired, the Doris Day vehicle was the only proposal to actually make it to CBS Radio. With the Mickey Spillane project already called That Hammer Guy, one might reasonably think the deal was in the bag. But within a few months we see the Billboard magazine announcement at left in the sidebar from July 19, 1952. But . . . the mystery doesn't resolve itself just yet . . .

Billboard magazine announcement of That Hammer Guy as part of the Mutual lineup for 1953

M-G-M Radio Transcriptions had cut a 1951 deal with the Mutual Broadcasting System to make a ten-program package of its transcribed programming available for the exclusive use of Mutual and its affiliate stations. The 1951 programming deal with M-G-M had been dubbed 'MBS-Plus', an inspired scheme to bring extended cooperative sponsorship to MBS affiliates. In an effort to lower advertising costs and production expenses over Radio, NBC had begun to employ a highly successful 'time-blocking' alternative for potential sponsors. In essence, the idea was to provide a Monday through Friday--or Saturday--block of prime time advertising broken down into 15-minute segments. The block between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. could therefore be segmented into eight slices times five--or six--days of prime time programming. A potential sponsor could buy any combination of those slices for their exclusive use or share slices of a program with other sponsors. To make the deal even more attractive, affiliates down the line could mix and match their local sponsors in the same fashion.

Mutual's 'MBS-Plus' scheme with M-G-M had been built around the same model. But when M-G-M Radio Transcriptions backed out of it's option to extend its agreement with Mutual in early November of 1952, Mutual scrambled to find a block of ten other programs to fill the void in their most important prime time slots. That Hammer Guy, though ostensibly a done deal with NBC, somehow found its way into Mutual's ten-program 'MBS-Plus' package for 1953.

Case closed: MBS debuts That Hammer Guy December 1952

The 'hot potato' that That Hammer Guy had become ultimately resolved itself with the premiere of That Hammer Guy--over Mutual--on December 30, 1952, the beginning of a ninety-one episode series of hard-boiled Mickey Spillane mystery and adventure yarns.

The series premiered with Inner Sanctum workhorse Larry Haines as Mike Hammer, aided by Jan Miner in the role of Velda, Hammer's secretary and love interest, as well as several other roles in the ensemble cast. By about three months into the run, the series attempts--rather unsuccessfully--to rename itself, Mickey Spillane-Mystery or Mickey Spillane, Mystery depending on the outlet. Neither name ever really took, and the majority of the newspaper and magazine listings of the era continued to refer to the series as either That Hammer Guy, Mike Hammer, or Mickey Spillane Mysteries. The nomenclature didn't seem to bother Mutual in the least, and its most loyal affiliate stations continued to air Mickey Spillane-Mystery with almost no interruptions, pre-emptions or day and time changes for its entire run.

In the model of Mutual's MBS-Plus co-op sponsorship, Esquire Magazine, General Mills' Kix cereal and Camel Cigarettes shared the sponsorship of the initial run of That Hammer Guy. An east coast production out of Mutual's WOR, by Episode No. 43 Larry Haines departed the series when Mutual decided to take the production to the west coast and Don Lee-Mutual's new $3M KHJ/Mutual facilities. George Petrie subbed as Mike Hammer for several episodes until veteran tough-guy Ted DeCorsia assumed the role for the remainder of the run.

Adapted for Radio by, among others, Edward Adamson, the scripts were the equal of radio noir fare of the era, while liberally punctuated with Mickey Spillane's unique brand of aphorisms, underworld slang, Brooklynese and misogynistic references to the fairer sex. Richard Lewis directed the entire run, keeping the series well-paced, crisp and compelling.

With the series split almost equally between Larry Haines and Ted DeCorsia, there's an obvious temptation to compare their respective characterizations. The circulating exemplars are distributed evenly enough to draw some comparisons. Given the Film examples of Mickey Spillane's performances as himself, Larry Haines performances would appear to be the more faithful to Mickey Spillane. But Radio was--and remains--an aural medium. In that context, and given the small number of exemplars in circulation, we'd have to give the nod to Ted DeCorsia.

DeCorsia's somewhat deeper register and gruffer delivery couldn't help but be informed by the hundreds of his Film, Radio and Television characterizations that preceded him. Most associated with tough guys, Ted DeCorsia just 'felt' more like a hard-boiled, hard-bitten, and highly cynical gumshoe of the era. We'd rush to add that our comparison is in no way intended to slight Larry Haines' characterization in the least. One of Radio, Stage, and Television's most versatile and accomplished character actors, Larry Haines' was among the Entertainment world's most critically acclaimed. The extent to which Haines more 'authentically' captured Mickey Spillane's own comparatively soft-spoken, yet direct and chilling delivery, was as much a tribute to Haines' method as to his range.

But Radio was--and remains--a visceral medium for those who immerse themselves in it with their imagination. And in that context, Ted DeCorsia simply 'feels,' in a more palpable way, like Mike Hammer.

Mickey Spillane-Mystery left the air on September 28, 1954 after an unbroken run of ninety-one installments. It was replaced in Mutual's lineup by Treasury Agent. The production's broadcast outlets had been so loyal to the series that, rather than simply pre-empt an episode, many of them simply rescheduled them later the evening of the mostly sporting events that occupied Mickey Spillane-Mystery's regular slot. While only twelve exemplars of the series enjoy circulation, we're certain that many more will enter the circulating canon in due time. The west coast productions seem to have survived with the greatest fidelity and we'd hope those would be the examples to enter circulation the soonest.

Mike Hammer franchise endures in Print, Film and Television

Radio's Mike Hammer was by no means the end of the Mike Hammer franchise. Mickey Spillane--and ultimately Spillane's estate--wrote another eight novels:

1962 The Girl Hunters
1964 The Snake
1966 The Twisted Thing
1967 The Body Lovers
1970 Survival... Zero!
1989 The Killing Man
1996 Black Alley
2008 The Goliath Bone (published posthumously)

Another three films were adapted from Spillane's novels:

1963 The Girl Hunters
1970 The Delta Factor
1982 A remake of I, The Jury

Spillane--once again--portrayed himself, as Mike Hammer, in 1963's The Girl Hunters, filmed in England. He acquitted himself much better in his second outing in Film, as described in this Time magazine review from the June 7, 1963 issue:

Movies: I, the Actor

Mickey Spillane has always known what sort of fellow should play his hero, Mike Hammer, on the screen. The part calls for a real ball-peen brute with magnetal animism. There have been three Mickey Spillane movies. In I, the Jury, an actor called Biff Elliot tried his best. Then Ralph Meeker got his chance in Kiss Me Deadly. Then came a fellow named Robert Bray in My Gun Is Quick. But they were tack Hammers all. There was only one man to do it, Spillane concluded, and he has finally stepped into the role. The new Mike Hammer of the screen — in The Girl Hunters, ready for release this month — is Author Spillane himself.

At first, he doesn't seem right because he doesn't sound like an actor, since his voice is high and hoarse. He doesn't look much like one either. Under his porkpie hat is a wrinkly grin, a barbed Leni-Lenape nose, no neck, and shoulders too wide to go through most front doors. But that initial disturbing reaction is caused merely by the fact that the populace is not used to seeing the real thing on the screen. As Mike Hammer, Actor Spillane is tremendous.

Shock at Elstree. The plot is irrelevant. He is looking for his girl, or something. What really matters is the vignettes along the way. In a New York waterfront bar, a fierce-looking Caribbean type with abscessed fangs picks up an ice pick and tells Mickey to leave the premises. The poor hood doesn't know that Mickey has a rod in his pocket with a Navarone-sized barrel. Mickey takes out a single big s'ag and rolls it down the bar. "Eat it," he says. The thug eats it.

Spillane is great with his own dialogue. "I don't belt dames," Hammer says aristocratically. "I kick 'em." And he also executes with relish the grislier triumphs of his imagination. Since he has promised to turn over his enemy alive to the Feds, he beats the punk unconscious. Then, instead of tying him up, he drives a railroad spike through his hand and into the floor. The Girl Hunters was filmed at London's Elstree Studios, and the English just aren't accustomed to that sort of thing: the script girl got sick.

Psychic Fix. Mickey, in fact, did everything for real. Every Mike Hammer story has a blonde viking in it. The one in this picture is Britain's Shirley Eaton, a tall taffy goddess like the girl Hammer once shot in the navel. She wears onionskin bikinis. In the first take of a passionate scene, Mickey and Shirley were stretched out on a couch when something went wrong with the lighting. "Cut," said the director. Not Mickey. "We stayed there rehearsing for an hour while they changed the lights," he remembers. "That was Method acting, boy. The Spillane method."

Mickey is preparing to return as Mike Hammer in a sequel to The Girl Hunters called The Snake. Since he is the bestselling mystery writer of all time, he is clearly just doing it for a sort of psychic fix. "Ian Fleming?" he says. "I don't worry about him. He's a gourmet."

In spite of that failed 1954 TV pilot, it was Television that catapulted Mike Hammer even further:

1958-1959 Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer with Darren McGavin (for Revue Productions)
1984 The New Mike Hammer with Stacy Keach
1997-1998 Mike Hammer, Private Eye with Stacy Keach

Mickey Spillane had gotten his start as a writer of comic books as early as 1941. His comic book character Mike Danger was revived by Tekno Comics in 1990.

With the possible exception of the Stage, there's no popular medium that has escaped the hand of Mickey Spillane. Radio's Mike Hammer was by no means the greatest dramatic interpretation of Spillane's signature character, but for sheer immersion in the Mike Hammer persona, there's no better embodiment of Mike Hammer than in the 'Theatre of The Mind.' That Hammer Guy brought a very personalized rendition of Mike Hammer to millions of Radio listeners for ninety-one compelling episodes. "Dames, Danger and Deduction" were Mike Hammer's signature pursuits and no medium brought them home better--for longer-- than Radio's That Hammer Guy.

Series Derivatives:

Mickey Spillane, Mystery; Mickey Spillane-Mystery; That Strong Guy [Aus]
Genre: Anthology of Golden Age Radio Mystery Dramas
Network(s): MBS
Audition Date(s) and Title(s): Unknown
Premiere Date(s) and Title(s): 52-12-30 01 Title Unknown
Run Dates(s)/ Time(s): 52-12-30 to 54-09-28; MBS; Ninety-one, 25-minute programs; Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m.
Sponsors: Esquire magazine; General Mills' Kix; Camel Cigarettes; G&D Vermouth; American Cancer Society
Director(s): Richard Lewis [Director/C0-Producer]
Principal Actors: Larry Haines, Jan Miner, George Petrie, Ted DeCorsia, Paul Frees, Peter Leeds, Jay Novello. Tony Barrett, William Conrad
Recurring Character(s): Mike Hammer, Private Eye [Larry Haines, George Petrie and Ted DeCorsia]; Velda, Mike's Secretary [Jan Miner]; Homicide Detective Captain 'Pat' Chambers [Ed Max]
Protagonist(s): None
Author(s): Mickey Spillane
Writer(s) Edward Adamson
Music Direction:
Musical Theme(s): Unknown
Announcer(s): Ed Ladd
Estimated Scripts or
Episodes in Circulation: 12
Total Episodes in Collection: 11

RadioGOLDINdex, Hickerson Guide, Life magazine, Time Magazine, Billboard magazine, and the Janesville Daily Gazette.

Notes on Provenances:

The most helpful provenances were the log of the radioGOLDINdex and the Janesville Daily Gazette.

Digital Deli Too RadioLogIc


We have no idea why the otr community at large continues to state--and restate, ad nauseum and with 'authoritative' conviction--that Mickey Spillane-Mystery or That Hammer Guy aired only from January 1953 to October of 1953. And yet wherever one looks, site after site after site continue to disseminate the same old misinformation. Nor do any of them ever even mention George Petrie or Ted DeCorsia in their roles as Mike Hammer for the majority of the run. Even worse, once apprised of such errors, the community either ignores the correct information or ridicules it.

As always, we invite you to believe what you wish. The proof is all over this page and our complete log below bears out the true duration of That Hammer Guy. Continually disseminating misinformation about these historical programs does a great disservice to the memory of the fine actors, technicians, authors and writers that brought these wonderful preformances to the airwaves--let alone the disservice to conscientious collectors the world over. We suspect that the very reason so little scholarship has been done on the That Hammer Guy canon is because casual researchers were told that there were only some forty episodes in the entire canon. And indeed, there are--of the Larry Haines episodes alone, but that misinformation completely dismisses the larger canon of George Petrie and Ted DeCorsia exemplars that followed--for almost another entire year.

More regrettable commercial 'OTR' Nonsense:

We see this in virtually every series we research: recordings clipped, truncated, cut, pasted and spliced to create non-existent or non-circulating episodes from pieces of intact episodes. That Hammer Guy was no exception. A long circulating episode anecdotally titled 'Hammer Framed for Murder' is a tape-stretched Ted DeCorsia episode titled
'A Dead Dame in Central Park', from April 27, 1954. The episode has an introduction to a Larry Haines episode ham-fistedly spliced onto the front of it. Since the recording was tape-stretched anyway, it's difficult to determine the timbre of Ted DeCorsia's voice, but the script is clearly that from April 27, 1954. This is a perfect example of the dangers of wide-spread misinformation about a series. Some amateur, consulting the circulating logs of That Hammer Guy was so convinced that there were either no Ted DeCorsia episodes or that the entire canon of That Hammer Guy had to have run between January and October of 1953 that, in appparent desperation, he or she grafted a Larry Haines intro onto the episode to make it sound like one of the descriptions prior to October 1953. The circulating recording has been rendered useless and is a write-off. Score one for commerical OTR hawkers, score 'minus-one' for the That Hammer Guy canon.

What you see here, is what you get. Complete transparency. We have no 'credentials' whatsoever--in any way, shape, or form--in the 'otr community'--none. But here's how we did it--for better or worse. Here's how you can build on it yourselves--hopefully for the better. Here are the breadcrumbs--just follow the trail a bit further if you wish. No hobbled downloads. No misdirection. No posturing about our 'credentials.' No misrepresentations. No strings attached. We point you in the right direction and you're free to expand on it, extend it, use it however it best advances your efforts.

We ask one thing and one thing only--if you employ what we publish, attribute it, before we cite you on it.

We continue to provide honest research into these wonderful Golden Age Radio programs simply because we love to do it. If you feel that we've provided you with useful information or saved you some valuable time regarding this log--and you'd like to help us even further--you can help us keep going. Please consider a small donation here:
We don't pronounce our Golden Age Radio research as 'certified' anything. By the very definition, research is imperfect. We simply tell the truth. As is our continuing practice, we provide our fully provenanced research results--to the extent possible--right here on the page, for any of our peers to review--or refute--as the case may be. If you take issue with any of our findings, you're welcome to cite any better verifiable source(s) and we'll immediately review them and update our findings accordingly. As more verifiable provenances surface, we'll continue to update the following series log, as appropriate.

All rights reserved by their respective sources. Article and log copyright 2009 The Digital Deli Online--all rights reserved. Any failure to attribute the results of this copywritten work will be rigorously pursued.

[Date, title, and episode column annotations in
red refer to either details we have yet to fully provenance or other unverifiable information as of this writing. Red highlights in the text of the 'Notes' columns refer to information upon which we relied in citing dates, date or time changes, or titles.]

The That Hammer Guy Program Log

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
52-12-23 Janesville Daily Gazette

Black Museum

Mystery fans can follow the police in their actual recorded capture of a criminal. Orson Welles will narrate the Balck Museum mystery show in which he tells how a pice of evidence, now on display in Scotland Yard's Black Museum, led to the arrest of the criminal. He narrates how the police, step by step, solved the case. These exciting mystery programs are heard every Tuesday evening at 7 over WCLO.

Title Unknown
[MBS Premiere of That Hammer Guy]

52-12-30 El Paso Herald-Post
7:30 p.m.--WSET--Mickey Spllane's "That Hammer Guy"

52-12-30 Janesville Daily Gazette
Tonight's broadcast marks the last appearance of The Black Museum as a regular Tuesday evening program over WCLO at 7 p.m. Next week the program titled That Hammer Guy will be heard at this time. That Hammer Guy is based on books of the very popularmystery writer, Mickey Spillane. Radio star Larry Haines will portray Mike Hammer on hte air. Dick Lewis will produce and direct, with Ed Adamson, writer of Shadow adventures, scripting the series.

Title Unknown
53-01-06 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mickey Spillane's Stories
Are WCLO Radio Feature


A new series of crime dramas, based on Mickey Spillane's "Mike Hammer" character, will be broadcast over WCLO tonight at 7. The program will be titled "That Hammer Guy." The new radio fare brings to listeners the fabulous crime-busting adventures of private investigator Mike Hammer, a favorite with mystery fans throughout the country. Spillane's books have sold more than 16 million copies. Radio's Mike Hammer, portrayed by Larry Haines, is a fast-thinking, fast-talking, fast-moving "private-eye" with an uncanny knack for solving crimes and side-stepping romance. Tonight's broadcast finds Hammer setting out to avenge the murder of a friend. Mike solves the case, but not before he receives one of the biggest surprises of his career.

Murder On the Subway
53-01-13 Cedar Rapids Gazette
DID you know that Mickey Spillane's MIKE HAMMER has a poetic soul? He has —and will prove it during the broadcast of THAT HAMMER GUY you'll hear at 7 o'clock tonight on KCRG-KCRK. In the adventure, Mike also solves a murder and saves a girl from plunging to death in a subway
Blackmail Plus Murder
53-01-20 Janesville Gazette

Blackmail Plus Murder
Is Mike Hammer Story


It all starts in a dance hall with Mike Hammer waltzing with a pretty hostess. When she slumps against him. Mike discovers a bullet through her head. That sets the scene for a fantastic adventure of blackmail and murder for Mickey Spillane's hard-hitting private eye. The drama will be unfolded during the broadcast of That Hammer Guy program tonight a t 7. Larry Haines plays the Mike Hammer character. Mr. Spillane's series of books about Mike Hammer adventures have been big sellers at all book stores. Now these thrilling stories a r e brought to life hrough radio over WCLO a n d Mutual.

Race of Death
53-01-27 Janesville Daily Gazette

"Race of Death" Will Be Drama on "Hammer Guy"


It was a most pathetic sight that greeted Mike Hammer when he approached the merry-go-round in the park. Jockey Frankie Carlson was mounted on a painted horse, bent forward, one hand tight on the reins, the other beating the horse's wooden flanks with a switch. He was booting home a mythical winner. When the carousel stopped, the race was over for all, even the jockey. Mike decides to catch up with the person who drove him to his death and does so during Mickey Spillane's "That Hammer Guy" show on WCLO tonight at 7.

Title Unknown
53-02-03 The Daily News
8:00 p.m.--WOR--Mickey Spllane's "That Hammer Guy"
Hammer Accused of Murder
53-02-10 Cedar Rapids Gazette
MIKE HAMMER finds himself accused of murder during the radio dramatization of Mickey Spillane's famous detective's adventure which you'll hear at 7:00 tonight on KCRG-KCRK. Larry Haines portrays THAT HAMMER GUY.
Be-Bop and Murder
53-02-17 Cedar Rapids Gazette
THERE'S a strange combination of be-bop and murder on tonight's story of THAT HAMMER GUY . . . 7 o'clock
on KCRG-KCRK. Mickey Spillane's character is a comparative newcomer to radio, having first gained fame in books. Now, a movie series is .also contemplated. Hollywood's in the process of scouting a man to portray Mike.
The Badger Game
53-02-24 Cedar Rapids Gazette
THE old badger game, where a photographer catches a man and a scheming girl in a compromising position, backgrounds Mickey Spillane's THAT HAMMER GDY broadcast tonight at 7:00 on KCRGKCRK. Mike Hammer witnesses, the murder of one of the girls and stays on the trail. . . until he tracks down the killer.
Foreign Intrigue Comes to The States
[ Changes name to Mickey Spillane, Mystery]

53-03-03 Janesville Gazette
Mickey Spillane's detective, Mike Hammer, is a hard crusted hero who can keep a secret, 'though it aches his head. His sufferings in this experience are outlined on Mickey Spillane Mystery broadcast tonight at 7.
It's a story of foreign intrigue in an American setting. The title of this series has changed but the same exciting stories are still there to be enjoyed by mystery fans.
Murder Under the Big Top
53-03-03 Janesville Daily Gazette

"Murder Under the Big Top"
Theme of Spillane Mystery


Murder and blackmail beneath the circus big top occupy the attention of Mike Hammer, the fabulous detective hero, for the Mickey Spillane Mystery broadcast on WCLO Tuesday evening at 7. A paper mache "Pagliacci" provides the case-solving clue for Hammer, the man of action. These mystery programs are based on the very popular series of stories by one of America's top writers, Mickey Spillane.

The Dance of Death
53-03-17 Janesville Daily Gazette

A Dance of Death Leads to Larceny and Murder Tonight


It was a dance of death, leading to larceny and murder, accompanied by undulating rhumba music. Mike Hammer witnesses the murder of a meek little bank clerk who is not too adept at this dance routine. The private eye vows to track down the killer, which he does during the broadcast of Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program tonight over WCLO at 7. This top mystery drama highlights the evening's schedule of WCLO.

The Florentine Dagger
53-03-24 Janesville Daily Gazette
A strange combination of a scheming wife, a larcenous husband, a hoodwinked lover and a false statement sets the scene for the broadcast of Mutual's Mickey Spillane, Mystery program tonight over WCLO at 7. Mike Hammer brushes aside the wife's advances to solve this case of murder and intrigue. The program features the WCLO schedule for this evening.

Man in Wheelchair
There's Something About A Dame
53-03-31 Janesville Daily Gazette

Pleasant Prospects Turn to Murder for Mike Hammer


Some fellows have all the luck. Take investigator Mike Hammer who was paid $1,000 to take care of a young French lady for a weekend. Mike was a bit disappointed when he discovered the young lady to be a French poodle and the dog's mistress was found murdered. Mike solves this mess during Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be broadcast over WCLO tonight at 7. Larry Haines plays the Mike Hammer role.

The Laura Fenton Case

Sophisticated Lady
53-04-07 Janesville Daily Gazette
A pot shot taken at Mike Hammer starts the private eye off on an adventure of death and romance. Mike sets his sights on the would-be assassin but before he can corner him, three persons lose their lives. The story is scheduled for the Mickey Spillane Mystery program to e broadcast tonight at 7 over WCLO. Larry Haines plays the title role.

The Lillian Martin Case or The Helen Kane Case
A Fighter's Last Bout
The Laura Fenton Case
53-04-14 Janesville Daily Gazette

Ex Fighter Meets Death in Spillane Mystery Drama


Mike Hammer and an ex-pug trade punches in an alley with the fighter on the losing end. When Mike reports the incident to the police, he is informed that the boxer met his death hours earlier in an automobile "accident. Mike sets out to clear matters during the boadcast of the Mickey Spillane Mystery program over WCLO tonight at 7. Mike proves his point when he uncovers a plot to get rid of the fighter and enrich the killers.

A Peppery Adventure
53-04-21 Janesville Daily Gazette

A Peppery Adventure Set for Spillane Mystery


A unique method is employed to rouse the ire of Mike Hammer, but it works. Pepper thrown in the eyes is a painful mishap and it works to perfection as Mike Hammer gets that treatment in his, escapade tonight at 7 when the Mickey Spillane Mystery is broadcast over WCLO. Mike strikes back and uncovers a murder plot the police have. been seeking to unravel. These programs are based on the popular stories written by Mickey Spillane.

What You Don't Know About Dames
53-04-28 Janesville Daily Gazette

Marital Problem Bothers
Spillane's "Mike Hammer"

Mike Hammer is an old hand at getting involved with pretty women. But this time his pal, Capt. Pat Chambers of homicide, is the fellow who runs into feminine complications. He's all set to announce his engagement when Mike discovers a few details about her unsavory past. Chambers refuses to heed Mike's advice but the private eye has his own method of proving his point. He does so during Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be broadcast over WCLO tonight at 7. Larry Haines plays the Hammer role.

The Barney Miller Syndicate

Avenging A War-Time Friend
53-05-05 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mickey Spillane

Mike Hammer renews friendship with a war-time buddy, then finds himself in a murder case. when the ex-GI 'meets his death at the hands of a killer, Mike vows to track down the culprit. What happens when the murderer ' s hand is forced provides an exciting climax for Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be broadcast tonight over WCLO, following the broadcast of the Five Star Final and Frank Edwards.

Whistling Bullets In Vegas
53-05-12 Janesville Daily Gazette

Whistling Bullets Prompt
'Hammer" Investigation


Mike Hammer's Las Vegas vacation becomes an unusual advenlure when a stranger feeds him a drugged drink, then switches clothes. As Mike reaches his destination he is greeted by a fusillade of bullets. Such a hearty welcome prompts the private eye to do some investigating of his-own and-put an end to these goings-on via Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be broadcast over WCLO tonight at 7.

Friendship Pays Off

53-05-19 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer Discovers
That Friendship Pays Off


Mike Hammer learns about friends and friendship from girl he meets when he returns to his old neighborhood to recapture some of his youthful impressions. She tells him about all her good friends but what she doesn't mention is the chain of events that almost leads Mike to his death. Friendship, though, pays off when a killer is captured without force. This drama is scheduled for Mutual's Mickey Spillane-Mystery program to be broadcast tonight over WCLO following the Frank Edwards commentary around 10:30.

Title Unknown
53-05-26 Janesville Daily Gazette

Private Eye's Life Tough
Even for that Hammer Guy


This business of being a private eye is tough, even on a tough hombre like Mike Hammer. First, he gets a letter from a lady. She wants him to find her husband. Then she wants the letter back. Her husband enters the picture and starts the pattern for a crazy charade. But it's all in a day's work, and radio adventure, for Hammer (Larry Haines), as Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery broadcast over WCLO at 7 will demonstrate Mike gets mad at only one thing, an invitation he receives for his own funeral.

Mike Hammer Sees Red
Zelda's Brother
53-06-02 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer Sees Red,
Results in Spy Roundup


Mike Hammer proves his patriotism when he routs a gang of Communist spies during Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be broadcast over WCLO at 7 tonight. The agents attempt to use Mike as a dupe to deliver their secret information but Mike turns the tables on them in a neat maneuver. Larry Haines plays the title role in this drama of international intrigue.

a.k.a. Zelda's Brother or Velda's Brother

Kiss of Death
53-06-09 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer's Old Flame Offers "Kiss of Death"


When Mike Hammer meets an old-time girl friend almost anything can happen. And it does during Mutual's Mickey Spillane mystery program to be broadcast tonight over WCLO at 7.
Mike escorts his former flame to greet her boy friend, an exconvict. The shooting starts and when the last bullet is fired four persons have been murdered. Mike traps the killer but not before he almost meets his end. Larry Haines plays the title role in this mystery series.

Title Unknown
53-06-16 Janesville Daily Gazette
At 7 this evening another top flight mystery will be presented when the program, Mickey Spillane mystery is broadcast over WCLO. With the Hall of Fantasy preceding this program, WCLO brings mystery fans a full hour of excitement and thrills. Tonight, Mike Hammer again matches wits with criminals and narrowly escapes with his life.
Title Unknown
53-06-23 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Prevents Suicide and Solves Murder Case


Usually would-be suicides call newspapers to provide the tip-off for their obituary. Tonight at 7 over WCLO, however, during the broadcast of the Mickey Spillane-Mystery program, detective hero Mike Hammer is the one receiving the call, and it leads to the solution of a murder plot. It all happens when one girl friend borrows from another, and then can't think of the payoff. The Mickey Spillane-Mystery program is the highlight of the early evening schedule over WCLO.

Her Knight in Shining Armor
53-06-30 Janesville Daily Gazette
The young lady addressed Mike Hammer, "I'm looking for my knight in shining armor. Will you help me prove the age of chivelry Is not yet dead?" she asked. That invitation sets the scene for Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be broadcast over WCLO tonight at 7. The Mickey Spillane Mystery program is the highlight of the evening schedule for WCLO.
Just A Weekend In the Country
53-07-07 Janesville Daily Gazette

Hammer Meets Old Friend,
Nearly Ends Up in Morgue


Mike Hammer meets an old girl friend and immediately runs into trouble. In rapid succession he's invited for a week end in the country, takes a terrific beating, witnesses two killings and almost winds up in the morgue.
The action takes place during the broadcast or the Mickey Spillane Mystery program heard over WCLO at 7. The mystery program is the highlight- of the Tuesday evening schedule over WCLO.

53-07-07 Cedar Rapids Gazette
ON KCRG-KCRK's broadcast of Mickey Spillane's Hammer Guy tonight . . . 7 o'clock . . .
Mike Hammer meets an old girl-friend and immediately runs into trouble. In rapid succession, he's invited for a weekend in the country, takes a terrific beating, witnesses two killings and almost winds up in the morgue.

A Friend In Need
53-07-14 Brownwood Bulletin
The business of being a private eye is a tough profession—even on a tough character like Mike Hammer.
First Mike Hammer receives a visit from an old friend who's trying to elude the police. Then he gets a call from police Capt Pat Chambers who's looking, for this same friend. Mike is torn between duty and honor. How he gets out of this predicament is dramatized by KBWD-Mutual's "Mickey Spillane-Mystery" program tonight at 9 o'clock. Mike turns his friend over to the police —but too late to avoid tragedy, Larry Haines plays the Mike Hammer role.
Title Unknown
53-07-21 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer comes to the rescue of an innocent man about to be executed in California for a crime he did not commit. With Just one hour to go before the switch is pulled, Mike,
with the help ol Captain Pat Chambers of homicide, puts the finger on the real killer
. This drama of murder and intrigue is scheduled for presentation by Mutual's Mickey Spillane Murder program io be broadcast tonight over WCLO at 7 . Larry Haines is starred as Mike Hammer.

Title Unknown

53-07-28 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

Arsonists are usually associated with hardened, tough-looking criminals. But this one really was a beautiful, red-haired miss, with a tantilizing smile. How the ace private eye put this criminal behind bars will be revealed during Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program on its broadcast tonight over WCLO at 7. Larry Haines plays the title role in these action packed adventure dramas.

Title Unknown
53-08-04 Cedar Rapids Gazette
NARCOTICS and murder are combined for thirty minutes of action-packed intrigue on KCRG-KCRK's HAMMER GUY broadcast, 7:30 tonight. Mickey Spillane's fabulous detective works his way through the maize and solves the problem of a missing husband.
Title Unknown
53-08-11 Janesville Daily Gazette
A package with a moral that makes people think criminally is a case for Mike Hammer during the broadcast of the Mickey Spillane-Mystery program tonight over WCLO at 7. From a park bench to a startling ending is the course pursued by Mike. Larry Haines atars in the tough guy role.
Title Unknown
53-08-18 Wisconsin State Journal
6 p.m.--Mickey Spillane (WGN):
someone tries to frame Mike Hammer for murder.
Title Unknown
53-08-25 Wisconsin State Journal
10:35 p.m.--Mickey Spillane (WISC):
"golden girl" involved in murder.
Title Unknown
53-09-01 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

A girl entertainer with that star gleam in her eye is a hard girl to stop. Mike Hammer, Mutual's Micky Spllane Mystery hero, discovers this truism during his broadcast on the air at 7:30 tonite over WCLO. She puts the brakes on her career however, when Mike faces her with the body of her poisoned brother, the actions of a jealous agent and his one inimitable brand of detectiving.

Title Unknown
53-09-01 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

A newspaper headline brands Mike Hammer a murderer and it takes quick action to prove otherwise during the broadcast of Mutual's Mickey Spillane Mystery program tonight at 8:30 over WCLO.
It all begins when Mike escorts a dame on a train and leads to a swanky apartment with a sophisticated lady offering him advice.

Title Unknown
53-09-15 Cedar Rapids Gazette
A REMINDER to mystery-adventure fans that Mickey Spillane's HAMMER GUY will he on KCRG-KCRK at 7:00 tonight, followed—at 7:30—by HIGH ADVENTURE.

53-09-15 Janesville Daily Gazette

Sudden Blow on Head
Changes Ideas of Hammer


Things black out quickly for Mike Hammer on Mutual's Mickey Spillane-Mystery program at 8:30 tonight over WCLO, when a crushing blow hits him on the back of the head. And when the tough guy becomes conscious, his ideas about helping a young woman have taken a turn-about. Action is called for and Mike provides it to avoid the fate of murder. The Mickey Spillane-Mystery program is the highlight of the Tuesday evening schedule over WCLO for adventure-and mystery.

Title Unknown
53-09-22 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mickey Spillane

The headlines blazed blackly, "Berserk Cop Kills Woman in Alley," but Mike Hammer knew the real facts, he knew there was no corpse the night he found Walt Pearson shooting wildly down the dark passage. Then the body showed up. But how and why? That's what Mike tries to find out and does, during the broadcast of the suspense-laden Mickey Spillane, Mystery program tonight over WCLO at 8:30.

Title Unknown
53-09-29 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mickey Spillane

Playing "Pygmalion" never intrigued Mike Hammer, 'though flirting with a "skirt" is a favorite pastime. He becomes a Shavian disciple, however, during the broadcast of tonight's exciting program, Mickey Spillane, Mystery, on WCLO at 8:30. Larry Haines stars as Mike Hammer in these
thrilling stories.

Title Unknown
53-10-06 Cedar Rapids Gazette
ON the Mickey Spillane drama scheduled for tonight at 7:00 on KCRG-KCRK,
Mike Hammer finds a surprise package on the front seat of his car. It's wrapped in a mink stole--and brings him nothing but trouble!
Title Unknown
53-10-13 Cedar Rapids Gazette
It's no secret that Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer has a happy faculty for involving himself with beautiful women; however, he seldom uses the tackling technique to point up the sincerity of his intentions. Tonight's (7 o'clock) the exception

53-10-13 Janesville Daily Gazette
That Mike Hammer guy, WCLO Mutual's Mickey Spillane-Mystery hero,
has the happy faculty for involving himself with beauttful women. But rarely does he need to use football's tackling technique to prove the sincerity of his intentions. In his adventure broadcast tonight at 8:30 on WCLO-Mutual, Mike tackles the fair lady to Save her from ricocheting bullets.
Title Unknown
53-10-20 San Antonio Express
Mickey Spillane-Mystery -- 7 p.m., KMAC--Mike Hammer
uses brawn plus brains in his search for a gangster.
Title Unknown
[ George Petrie as Mike Hammer]

53-10-27 Janesville Daily Gazette
Another top notch mystery program that shonld please all radio listeners of dramatic and mystery fare is to be broadcast tonight at 8:30. It is Mickey Spillane-Mystery
with George Petrie as Mike Hammer. These popular radio adaptations from the pen of Mickey Spillane's sellers bring the same thrilling stories that are found in the novels.
Title Unknown
53-11-03 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

There's a full evening of good radio again tonight with variety in your listening fare. There's election news, City Council broadcast, adventure, music, news and children's stories. Not to be left out is mystery, and when it' comes to mystery, the Mickey Spillane Mystery program provides just that. With the chief character Mike Hammer, the program moves along from one tense situation to another with thrills for all the listeners. The time for mystery is 8:30 p.m.

Title Unknown
53-11-10 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

Another exciting mystery adventure awaits listeners to WCLO tonight at 8:30. At this time Mike Hammer takes off on another chase in pursuit of a criminal. The Mickey Spillane character really becomes involved in tonight's fracas and will leave listeners thoroughly entertained.

Title Unknown
53-11-17 Cedar Rapids Gazette
MIKE HAMMER, hero of the MICKEY SPILLANE stories broadcast Tuesday nights at 7:00 on KCRI, gives
education a whirl this week.
As you might suspect, a beautiful blond professor and an equally attractive campus widow are involved; however, it's a blackmail plot that first gets Mike's attention!
Title Unknown

[ Ted DeCorsia as Mike Hammer]

53-11-10 Janesville Daily Gazette

Mike Hammer

Every Tuesday evening at 8:30 p.m., the week's outstanding mystery program is broadcast over WCU). The program brings to the airwaves the fabulous character, Mike Hammer, a creation of the popular mystery writer, Mickey Spillane. On tonight's broadcast an 11-year-old boy who worships his father unknowingly starts a chain of murders on the Mickey Spillane, Mystery adventure. The father, supposedly a hero killed during the war, returns to blackmail his mother but finds a roadblock in his path of evil. Ted De Corsia stars as Mike Hammer.

Title Unknown
53-12-01 Janesville Daily Gazette
Adventure and mystery fans will notice another change in the WCLO schedule for tonight. Usually heard at an earlier time,
That Hammer Guy will be broadcast at 10:30 p.m. These programs are adaptations from the pen of Mickey Spillane, top mystety novelist. George Petrie is the star of these programs, heard in the title role of Mike Hammer.
Title Unknown
[ Ted De Corsia is Mike Hammer and the series originates from Hollywood]

53-12-08 Janesville Daily Gazette
This time it's a dame with coiled, burnished hair and a pale calm face that leads Mike Hammer into a blackmailing plot and plenty of excitement when Mutual's Mickey Spillane, Mystery adventure program is broadcast over WCLO at 8:30 p.m. Mickey Spillane is portrayed by Ted De-Corsia and originates from the network's Hollywood studios.
Beauty and The Beast
53-12-15 Cedar Rapids Gazette
MIKE HAMMER makes a study of Beauty and the Beast, with a little murder thrown in for good measure tonight. Naturally, Mike is partial to the Beauty. Listen for this latest Mickey Spillane adventure at 7 o'clock on KCRI.
Title Unknown
53-12-22 Janesville Daily Gazette
To continue with the mystery adventure type of program, fans will want to listen to the presentation of the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program. Mike Hammer,
portrayed by George Petrie, engages another criminal and as usual becomes involved with another pretty girl during the course of his investigation. The Mickey Spillane Mystery program is a regular Tuesday evening presentation over WCLO at 8:30.
Title Unknown
53-12-29 Cedar Rapids Gazette
MIKE HAMMER finds himself on a wild goose chase on the Mickey Spillane adventure scheduled at 7:00 tonight on KCRI. This time, he doesn't come up with a murderer. Instead, he learns a lesson about man's kindness to his fellow men. Rather an unusual twist to come from the Spillane pen!
Title Unknown
54-01-05 Cedar Rapids Gazette
A BEAUTY with dead white skin and coal black hair catches Mike Hammer's eye and involves him in a murderous hunt on this week's HAMMER GUY broadcast. 7:00 tonight on KCRI. Ted DeCorsia plays the private eye whose adventures come from the pen of Mickey Spillane.
Dames, Danger and Deduction
54-01-12 Cedar Rapids Gazette
THE 3 D's--Dames, danger and deduction--main facets of Mike Hammer's life, are again present tonight at 7:00 on KCRI as Mickey Spillane's famous detective hero tracks down a sinister plot among heirs to a crime throne.
Title Unknown
54-01-19 Cedar Rapids Gazette
MICKEY SPILLANE'S latest radio story will be heard tonight at 7:00 on KCRI.
An alluring, illusive dame dangles Mike Hammer like a puppet on strings. When he breaks his bonds, he finds himself dropped into a setting for murder.
Title Unknown
54-01-26 Janesville Gazette
If your radio listening taste for tonight needs flavoring by a good mystery, one that is exciting and thrilling, then your flavor buds will be satisfied at 8:30 when the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program is broadcast over WCLO. Tonight, delighted
Mike Hammer sets his sights on a beautiful doll, but when he finds her decorated with a bullet, his delight becomes deadly deduction.
Lion With the Ladies
54-02-02 Cedar Rapids Gazette
FROM the comment we've heard and reviews we've read, it appears Hollywood was not too successful in translating Mickey Spillane's MIKE HAMMER to film. In contrast, the radio series . . . scheduled every Tuesday night at 7:00 on KCRI . . . provides top-flight listening. Ted de Corsia plays the battling Mr. Hammer.
Tonight's adventure is backgrounded by tne shadows of Greenwich Village.

54-02-02 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

If your craving is for mystery and adventure, the broadcast tonight of Mickey Spillane, Mystery over WCLO at 8:30 is just right for you. In Mutual's "Lion With the Ladies," Mike Hammer finds a beautiful girl in a portrait and ends up lurking in the shadows of Greenwich Village, on the prowl for a murderer. Ted Decorsia plays the battling Mr. Hammer.

Guadalcanal Flashback
54-02-09 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

A ghost from the past re-enters Mike Hammer's life. But Mike finds It hard to reconcile the atmosphere of a cheap dive with his memories of a Guadalcanal swamp. This is the theme behind the broadcast. of the mystery-adventure program, Mickey Spillane Mystery, over WCLO tonight at 8:30.

Title Unknown
54-02-16 Janesville Gazette

Mickey Spillane

We have written about two types of programs that are outstanding over WCLO tonight, news and music. Now we shall write about the dramatic fare to be broadcast. At 8:.30 p.m. the mystery-adventure program, Mickey Spillane, Mystery, is to be dramatized. On tonight's story, Mike Hammer sets out for a Florida vacation, but instead finds his winter holiday cluttered with corpses and a maniac Ted DeCorsia enacts the role of the suave mystery master.

Me and Dames and Trouble
54-02-23 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

"Me and Dames and Trouble," says Mike Hammer, when he encounters two beautiful, identical women, one good and the other evil. Mike finds himself involved with the two beauties and a corpse on tonight's broadcast. Ted DeCorsia plays the cynical, suspicious sleuth. These mystery and adventure stories of Mike Hammer are heard every Tuesday over WCLO at 8:30 p.m., when the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program Is broadcast.

Title Unknown
54-03-02 Janesville Gazette
Mike Hammer finds himself with two women to handle during the presentation of the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program to be broadcast tonight over WCLO at 8:30. They become a problem even for the the dapper dame specialist, Mr. Hammer, since one is a respected society woman and the other a society editor intent on uncovering her past. George Petrie stars as Mike Hamftier In these mystery adventure stories.
Title Unknown
54-03-09 Janesville Gazette
The Tuesday evening schedule on KCLO is highlighted by the mystery-
adventure program, Mickey Spillane, Mystery. On tonight's story,
Mike Hammer's attention centers on a two-timing guy who doublecrossed once too often. The program has Mike taking his stand against a deceitful finance and not-so-sweet girl friend.
Title Unknown
54-03-16 Janesville Gazette
On tonight's schedule over WCLO, there is mystery and adventure for listeners. At 1:30 p.m. Mickey Spillne, Mystery, will be broadcast.
Mike Hammer hangs out the "be back in an hour" sign at his office and hits the gin mill across the street. It takes much more than that hour, as a shot pierces his arm while he is aiding a dame. From there, Mike goes after an unseen enemy.
A Noose or A Necklace
53-03-23 Janesville Daily Gazette

A Noose or a Necklace, Problem for Mike Hammer


Pearls should be strung around beautiful ladies' necks, not as a choker noose but as a decorative necklace. Mike Hammer proves
this point during the presentation of Mickey Spillane, Mystery tonight over WCLO at 8:30.
The dead man, you see, had the center pearl of a string clutched tightly in his hand. Mike's job was proving that the necklace's owner didn't plunge the knife into him. Or did she?

A Girl, A Gun and A Gamble
54-03-30 Janesville Gazette
A girl—a gun—and a gamble, are ingredient in Mike Hammer's life. And they're typified on the presentation of Mickey Spillane, Mystery tonight over WCLO at 8:30, when Mike takes a gamble on a girl and finds himself involved in murder. Ted DeCorsia plays the danger-facing private eye.
Title Unknown
54-04-06 Janesville Gazette
The presentation of Mickey Spillane, Mystery this evening depends
on the rapidity of the voting returns from the wards. If they are all in by 9:30 p.m. WCLO will present the program. If not, the program will be heard at 10:30 p.m. The story for tonight:
Mike Hammer gets clients quickly. Sometimes he loses them even quicker. He either sets or comes near breaking a speed record tonight. A girl enlists his aid in the first minute. Before another minute passes, she's been shot. From there Mike's problem begins to take shape. Ted DeCorsia stars as Hammer.
Title Unknown
54-04-13 Janesville Gazette
For a change of listening this evening, WCLO presents a thrilling mystery, adventure type of show in the Mickey Spillane, Mystery at 8:30.
Mistaken identity often results in strange developments as it does for Mike Hammer tonight. It starts when Mike takes his secretary, Velda, out on a date and ends with a case for homicide. Ted DeCorsia plays Hammer.
The More You Kill The Simpler It Gets
54-04-20 Janesville Gazette
The More You Kill The Simpler It Gets." That's Mike Hammer's word near the conclusion of the Mickey Spillane-Mystery drama tonight at 8:30 as he traps a slayer. But before the end of the script, Mike is forced to take quick action to escape the fate of other victims. Ted DeCorsia is heard in the role of Hammer.

a.k.a. The Wakefield Dame
A Dead Dame in Central Park
54-04-27 Janesville Gazette
Mike Hammer has a fatal meeting with a dame on a park bench during the broadcast of Mickey Spillane, Mystery this evening. And while he's talking to her a blow on his head knocks him out. Coming to his senses, Mike has a gun in his pocket and a dead woman at his feet, beginning a new adventure. Ted DeCorsia stars as Hammer. The broadcast of tonight program will be heard at 11 p.m. instead of the usual 8:30 p.m. broadcast time because of the Milwaukee Braves baseball game.
Title Unknown
54-05-04 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

Tonight's mystery edition on the WCLO schedule keeps up the baseball theme as Mickey Spillane, Mystery dramatizes another top-flight story at 11. A washed up baseball player gets an "assist"' from Mike Hammer. As a result, he's able to toss a perfect strike to aid Mike in slopping a murder- Mickey Spillane program is a regular Tuesday evening presentation.

Title Unknown
54-05-11 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

Mickey Spillane, Mysteiy program will be moved ahead to follow the commentary of Fulton Lewis Jr. The expected broadcast time is 8:45 p.m. The story for tonight concerns an old lady who provides a change of pace for Mike Hammer. But quite naturally,
a much younger lass lures Mike into the case
. Starring as Hammer is Ted DeCorisa

Title Unknown
54-05-18 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

Adventure and mysteiy are keynotes of the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program at 8:45 p.m. The story for tonight has Mike Hammer's Caribbean vacation interrupted by a crew smuggling arms to revolutionaries. Naturally there is a dame in the plot and she's attractive enough to make Mike take an extra look. Ted DeCorsia portrays the rough and tough sleuth.

54-05-18 Syracuse Herald Journal
has his Caribbean vacation interrupted by a crw smuggling arms to revolutionaries tonight at 8 over WNDR. Naturally, there's a dame in the plot and she's attractive enough to make Mike take an extra look.

Title Unknown
54-05-25Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

With an early start of the baseball game this evening, several of your favorite programs will be broadcast at different times. One of the changes involves the Mickey Splllane Mystery program with Mike Hammer. The show will be dramatized at 9:30 p.m. instead of the regular 8:30 p.m. broadcast time. These half-hour stories have attracted a wide audience of faithful followers of Mike Hammer who was made popular through the medium of the detective novel.

Title Unknown
54-06-01 Janesville Gazette
10:35 p.m. WCLO--That Hammer Guy
Title Unknown
54-06-08 Janesville Gazette
Mickey Spillane, Mystery program will be heard this evening at 10:15. The late broadcast time is due to the Milwaukee Braves baseball game. Mike Hammer goes on another eerie adventure which is paved with suspense and thrills.
Title Unknown
54-06-15 Janesville Gazette
When an old friend holds him up to buy dope, Mike Hammer resolves to break the men responsible. Cracking the ring has its risks, like being slugged and tossed in the river, Mike discovers. It also has a pleasant side, like a pretty chick who happens to be, the daughter of the ring's head. That's the story for this evening's presentation over WCLO of the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program which highlights the Tuesday evenings dramatic portion of the WCLO schedule. The broadcast time for tonight's show is 9 instead of the usual 8;30 time because of the Braves' game.
Title Unknown
54-06-22 Janesville Gazette
With the early start to this evening's baseball game, WCLO will present another outstanding lineup of dramatic shows following the ballgame. At 9 p.m. the adventure program, Mickey Spillane, Mystery, will be broadcast over WCLO.
The story tonight has Mike Hammer renting an apartment for his secretary and thus getting into the middle of a murder triangle. There's no fee for Mike, rather just a case in which he finds himself involved. Ted DeCorsia portrays Hammer.
Title Unknown
54-06-29 Janesville Gazette
The Mickey Spillane, Mystery program, usually heard at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, will be heard in a delayed broadcast this evening at 11.
A visit by an old friend and fellow - detective from Mexico sends Mike Hammer in search of art, stolen, of course, on the dramatic story tonight. Mike tries to solve the case but learns too late that his compatriot already knew the answer. Ted DeCorsia portrays the Mike Hammer role on these adventure, mystery stories.
Title Unknown
54-07-06 Janesville Gazette
Also Mickey Spillane, Mystery airs at 8:30 tonight over WCLO but on tonight's tale of suspense it's quite different danger than Mike Hammer suspects.
When the dame is murdered and her maid tries blackmail, Mike finds himself involved in more than a case. Ted DeCorsia stars in the Mike Hammer role on these thrilling stories every Tuesday over WCLO.
Funeral Bells for Evelyn
54-07-13 Janesville Gazette
At 8:30 the dramatic spotlight of the evening is be be presented when Mickey Spillane, Mystery is aired. The story:
Evelyn laughed when he proposed marriage, but much to her regret, Mike Hammer learns as the story unfolds tonight. Instead of wedding bells, there are funeral bells, not only for Evelyn, but for a couple of people who knew too much. Ted DeCorsia stars as Hammer.
Title Unknown
54-07-20 Janesville Gazette
At 8:30 the Mickey Spillane, mystery program will be broadcast.
Headlines come and headlines go. But Mike Hammer's memory is steadfast, particularly when he harks back a year to the way in which an old buddy, a bank guard, was ruthlessly murdered in a half million dollar heist. How Mike finds the killers, and pays his respects to the deceased friend, provides the action-packed adventure for tonight's story. Ted DeCorsia portrays the hard hitting Hammer guy.
Title Unknown
54-07-27 Janesville Gazette
For more exciting listening be sure to hear the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program over WCLO tonight at 8:30. Mike Hammer
becomes involved with another spine tingling mystery which, of course, has an attractive young woman as the center of attraction. These mysteries highlight the Tuesday evening dramatic portion of the WCLO schedule.
Title Unknown
54-08-03 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

Following the Milwaukee Braves baseball game this evening at 9:30, WCLO-Mutual will bring listeners a thrilling mystery presentation when the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program is aired. Once again Mike Hammer becomes involved with a muder mystery and, of course, a very attractive dame. Ted DeCorsia stars in the role of Mike Hammer.

Title Unknown
54-08-10 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

On the WCLO schedule for tonight there will be mystery and adventure in addition to the complete coverage of sports and news. At 9:30, following the Braves-Cardinals. baseball game. Mickey Spillane, Mystery will be broadcast. Mike Hammer, once again becomes involved with a criminal and, of course, a good looking dame, while in the process of solving the crime.

Title Unknown
54-08-17 Sandusky Register
10:30--WLEC--Mickey Spillane
Title Unknown
54-08-24 Janesville Gazette
For hard hitting action after tonight's 35 minutes of news, WCLO-Mutual features the thrilling adventures of the rough and tough sleuth, Mike Hammer. Mickey Spillane's famous hero will battle his way through another half hour of fast-moving action at approximately 11:05 on WCLO Mutual.
Title Unknown
54-08-31 Janesville Gazette

Mike Hammer

Usually it's Mike Hammer who breaks the dates with his secretary, Velda, but she reverses the procedure tonight at 8:30 on WCLO-Mutual's That Hammer Guy. On her way to keep the engagement, Velda gets involved with a beat-up mobster. Then she draws Mike into the case, with the result that his gun commits a murder. Unhappily, Mike has a difficult time getting out of that rap. Ted de Corsia portrays the hard-hitting Spillane sleuth.

Title Unknown
54-09-07 Janesville Gazette
Mike Hammer fans who usually expect their hero to chase dames or criminals are in for a big disappointment on WCLO - Mutual's Mickey Spillane's That Hammer Guy at 8:30 tonight.
Mike (Ted de Corsia) runs into an aging actor friend who's lost faith in himself and has turned to drinking. Trying to restore confi-dence in the actor almost results in a tragic ending but Mike saves the day.
Title Unknown
54-09-14 Janesville Gazette
Also to be included on the WCLO schedule this evening will be the fine mystery adventure program, Mickey Splllane, Mystery. The broadcast time for the adventures of Mike Hammer, on another chase, is 9 o'clock.
Mike Hammer is put on the spot by a society girl who proposes marriage. But before Mike, portrayed by Ted DcCorsia, is able to give an answer, he finds a gun in his ribs rushing him into a narcotics theft. With it comes murder and a puzzler to unravel.
Title Unknown
54-09-21 Janesville Gazette
A girl who wants to die but is afraid to kill herself and hires a hood to do the job for her becomes a problem for Mike Hammer, portrayed vividly by Ted DeCorsia on the presentation of the Mickey Spillane, Mystery program to be broadcast at 8:30 this evening. The girl in question has a change of heart but the hired killer isn't aware of this, so Mike has to seek him out to prevent the crime.
Title Unknown
[ Last Broadcast; Replaced by Treasury Agent]

54-09-28 Janesville Gazette
A pair of murders mixed with a pair of shoes provide the ingredients for the Mickey Spillane Mystery program to be dramatized over WCLO this- evening at 8:30. Mike Hammer, portrayed by Ted Decorsia, is involved in the first shooting since it was done with his own gun, but when it comes to the second slaying, Mike's mind clears rapidly. Mickey Spillane, Mystery is the dramatic highlight of the Tuesday evening schedule over WCLO.
54-10-05 Janesville Gazette
8:30 p.m. WCLO--
Treasury Agent

The That Hammer Guy Program Log [Unidentified Episodes]

Date Episode Title Avail. Notes
54-xx-xx Jim Gordon - Suicide or Murder
[Ted DeCorsia stars]

Mike's wartime friend Jim Gordon is a suspected suicide, but Mike knows different.

a.k.a. Mike's Friend Murdered
54-xx-xx Some Kind of Satisfaction
[Ted DeCorsia stars]

Jay Novello
as Mark Judson

a.k.a. The Mark Judson Case
54-xx-xx Who's Got the Last Laugh
[Ted DeCorsia stars]

Mike hooks up with Fain Dorado on a train. It leads to a trip to the Southwest, an art gallery, a Los Angeles police detective, and a suitcase full of counterfeit dough.

William Conrad
as George Mitchell

a.k.a. Faye Durado or Fain Dorada

The That Hammer Guy Radio Program Biographies

Frank Morrison 'Mickey' Spillane

Stage, Screen, Radio, and Television Actor

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

1952 That Hammer Guy
Young Cadet Spillane in the U.S. Army Air Corps with buddy Nat Drutman circa 1942
Young Cadet Spillane in the U.S. Army Air Corps with buddy Nat Drutman circa 1942

Mickey Spillane's first outing as a writer was penning the character Mike Danger in 1941
Mickey Spillane's first outing as a writer was penning the character Mike Danger in 1941

Spillane insisted his publishers use this photo for the book jacket of his first novels circa 1947
Spillane insisted his publishers use this photo for the book jacket of his first novels circa 1947

Spillane as a practicing Jehovah's Witness performs home missionary duties with neighbors
Spillane as a practicing Jehovah's Witness performs home missionary duties with neighbors

Classic Mickey Spillane pose in Mike Hammer fashion
Classic Mickey Spillane pose in Mike Hammer fashion

Mickey Spillane circa 1989
Mickey Spillane circa 1989
From the July 18, 2006 edition of the Aiken Standard:

Author Mickey Spillane, creator
of Detective Mike Hammer, dies

Associated Press

     CHARLESTON — Mickey Spillane, the macho mystery writer who wowed millions of readers with the shoot-'em-up sex and violence of gumshoe Mike Hammer, died Monday.  He was 88.
     Spillane's death was confirmed by Brad Stephens of Goldfinch Funeral Home in his hometown of Murrells Inlet.  Details about his death were not available.
     After starting out in comic books, Spillane wrote his first Mike Hammer novel, "I, the Jury," in 1946.  Twelve more followed, with sales topping 100 million.  Notable titles included "The Killing Man," "The Girl Hunters" and "One Lonely Night."
     Many Hammer books were made into movies, including the classic film noir "Kiss Me, Deadly" and "The Girl Hunters," in
which Spillane himself starred.  Hammer stories were also featured on television in the series "Mickey Spillane's Mike
Hammer" and in made-for-TV movies.  In the 1980s, Spillane appeared in a string of Miller Lite beer commercials.
     Besides the Hammer novels, Spillane wrote a dozen other books, including some awardwinning volumes for young
people.  Nonetheless, by the end of the 20th century, many of his novels were out of print or hard to find.  In 2001, the New American Library began reissuing them.
     Mainstream critics had little use for Spillane, but he got his due in the mystery world, receiving lifetime achievement awards from the Mystery Writers of America and the Private Eye Writers of America.
     Spillane was born Frank Morrison Spillane on March 9, 1918, in the New York borough of Brooklyn.  He grew up in Elizabeth, N.J., and attended Fort Hays State College in Kansas where he was a standout swimmer before beginning his career writing for magazines.
     He had always liked police stories - an uncle was a cop - and in his pre-Hammer days he created a comic book detective named Mike Danger.  At the time, the early 1940s, he was writing for Batman, SubMariner and other comics.
     "I wanted to get away from the flying heroes and I had the prototype cop," Spillane said.
     "Danger never saw print.  World War II broke out and Spillane enlisted.  When he came home, he needed $1,000 to buy some land and thought novels the best way to go.  Within three weeks, he had completed "I, the Jury" and sent it to Dutton. The editors there doubted the writing, but not the market for it; a literary franchise began.  His books helped reveal the power of the paperback market and became so popular they were parodied in movies, including the Fred Astaire musical "The Band Wagon."

From the July 30, 2006 edition of the Aiken Standard:

Detective novelist remembered with laughter and tears 

Associated Press 
     SURFSIDE BEACH--Mickey Spillane, who created the hard-nosed detective Mike Hammer of novels, movies and TV was remembered Saturday as a writer, actor and TV pitchman who, loved kittens, fishing, Frosted Flakes and, above all, his fellow man.
     "He was probably the most humble celebrity that ever lived," said his widow Jane, following a 45-minute memorial service for the writer at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.
     Amid laughter and tears, about 150 people attended the memorial to remember the writer who died July 17 at the age of 88.  He had lived in the Myrtle Beach area for a half century.
     Rand Frink, the presiding overseer of the congregation, recalled how Spillane helped build the Kingdom Hall in the 1980s and always volunteered for the trash detail because, Spillane said, it kept him humble.
     The congregation chuckled when Frink recalled Spillane liked to say he sold more Miller Lite beer than anyone in history.  Spillane used to appear in commercials for the brewing company.
     A simple wooden box containing Spillane's ashes rested on a small table along with several pictures, including one of Spillane in a trench coat and hat in the movie role of Mike Hammer.  The gray fedora with a black band that Spillane wore in the picture was also on the table.
     There were no Hollywood celebrities in attendance.  Jane Spillane said they will be invited to her home later.
     "Just the sort of thing where everybody gets out there and talks about the funny stories and laughs about Mickey," she said.
     "We will all remember the kind, generous, humble and giving spirit" of Mickey Spillane, Frank said.  "Although famous in the eyes of men, Mickey never acted like a famous person.  He was always just plain Mickey."
     Spillane was always the first to help other members of the congregation, spent hundreds of dollars to save stray cats and love Frosted Flakes, fishing and cars, Frink said.
     But Spillane was also deeply religious, Frink added, sharing some of Spillane's favorite passages from the writer's well-worn Bible, which had verses throughout highlighted with yellow marker.
     Spillane's stepdaughter, Britt Ellinger, said it was Spillane who fought back tears when he gave her away in marriage nine years ago.
     When Spillane started dating her mother, Ellinger was a schoolgirl and didn't really know Spillane was a celebrity, she said.
     "He came to pick her up in the pickup truck and said "Do you need anything from the A&P?" she said.  "Mom would go running out.  That was how they dated."
     Jane Spillane said her husband's wish was to have his ashes spread on the waters of Murrells Inlet off the fishing village of the same name where the couple lived.

Larry Haines [Larry Hecht]
(Mike Hammer)

Stage, Radio, and Television

Birthplace: Mount Vernon, New York, U.S.A.

Military Service: Served with London Scottish during World War I; decorated Mons Medal

1942 Gang Busters
1943 Words At War
1943 Manhunt
1944 Treasury Salute
1944 Cavalcade Of America
1944 The Sportsmen's Club
1944 Columbia Presents Corwin
1945 Inner Sanctum
1946 Columbia WOrkshop
1946 Molle Mystery Theater
1946 The Shadow
1947 Radio Reader's Digest
1947 Crime Club
1948 Ford Theatre
1948 The Big Story
1948 Big Town
1949 Secret Missions
1949 Under Arrest
1949 Murder By Experts
1949 Philo Vance
1950 Cloak and Dagger
1950 Dimension X
1950 The FBI In Peace and War
1951 The Amazing Mr Malone
1951 Now Hear This
1952 Mysterious Traveler
1952 The Chase
1952 California Civil Defense
1953 That Hammer Guy
1953 Suspense
1953 Best Plays
1953 Wild Bill Hickok
1953 The Marriage
1954 21st Precinct
1954 Proudly We Hail
1954 Easy Money
1956 CBS Radio Workshop
1956 X Minus One
1958 Exploring Tomorrow
1958 Treasury Agent
1960 The Right To Happiness
1961 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
1974 CBS Radio Mystery Theatre
1975 To Have and To Hold
The Guiding Light
The Korn Kobblers Kornival
Larry Haines circa 1950
Larry Haines circa 1950

Ronald Colman circa 1917
Larry Haines circa 1970

From the July 24, 2008 edition of the Indiana Gazette:

Larry Haines 

     DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Larry Haines, who won two Daytime Emmys for his 35-year role on the soap opera “Search for Tomorrow,” has died.  He was 89.
     Haines, who also had a successful career on Broadway generally billed as A. Larry Haines, died July 17 at a hospital where he had been admitted a week earlier, his attorney and friend, Tom Dachelet, said Wednesday.
     The actor played Stu Bergman on “Search for Tomorrow” from 1951 to 1986, missing only the first two months of the
show’s run.
     Stu was the neighbor and best friend of Joanne Gardner Barron, later Joanne Tourneur, the character at the center of most of the show’s plot lines.
     The soap opera, which was first on CBS, later on NBC, was the longest-running daytime TV drama when its last episode
aired in December 1986.
     He won his Daytime Emmys in 1976 and 1981.
     In 1985, he was presented with a special recognition award for his longevity on the series.
     Haines was twice nominated for Tonys, for “Promises, Promises,” the 1968 musical version of the film “The Apartment,” and “Generation,” a 1965 play starring Henry Fonda.
     Early in his career, he was an actor on radio series, including the popular horror series “Inner Sanctum,” which famously
opened with the sound of a creaking door.

George Petrie
(Mike Hammer)

Stage, Radio, Television and Film Actor

Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

1942 Pass In Review
1946 Textron Theater
1946 Treasury Salute
1946 Molle Mystery Theter
1946 Murder At Midnight
1947 Cavalcade Of America
1947 One For the Money (Audition)
1947 The Big Story
1948 Gang Busters
1948 Radio Reader's Digest
1948 Call the Police
1948 The Shadow
1948 Secret Missions
1949 Mind In the Shadow
1949 Philo Vance
1951 The Amazing Mr Malone
1951 Now Hear This
1951 Dimension X
1953 The Adventures Of Michael Shayne
1953 21st Precinct
1957 ABC Mystery Time
1958 The Ave Maria Hour
1958 THe Couple Next Door
1958 Indictment
1959 NBC Radio Theater
1960 Suspense
1961 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
1964 Theater Five
1974 CBS Radio Mystery Theater
George Petrie circa 1947
George Petrie circa 1947

George Petrie circa 1956
George Petrie circa 1956

George Petrie enacts the role of radio's most hard-boiled private eye--the tough-skinned 'Charlie Wild, Private Detective' in the new mystery series, heard over WHIZ-NBC Sundays at 5:30 p.m.

From the November 19th 1997 edition of the Winchester Star:

Actor George O. Petrie Dies

By The Associated Press

     LOS ANGELES — George O. Petrie, a veteran character actor whose career spanned Broadway, radio, films and a half century on television that included appearances on "The Honeymooners" and "Mad About You," died on Sunday.  He was 85.
     Petrie made his first appearance on television in 1947 on "Kraft Television Theatre" and recently appeared as Sid, the deadpan comic film editor, on the NBC series "Mad About You."
     He also was remembered as a "Honeymooners" regular, the Ewing family lawyer in "Dallas" and as "Don" Rudy Aiuppo in "Wiseguy."
     Petrie turned to radio with title roles in the network series "The Amazing Mr. Malone," "The Falcon" and "Gregory Hood and Charlie Wild."  He had supporting roles on "Mr. District Attorney" and "Theatre Guild on the Air."
     Petrie performed in a number of films, including "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," "Hud," "Gypsy" and "Boomerang."
     In the 1950s, Petrie was a regular in the soap operas "Search for Tomorrow," "As the World Turns" and "The Edge of Night."
     He became a frequent guest star "Gunsmoke," "Perry Mason," "The Twilight Zone," "The Andy Griffith Show," "Gomer Pyle," "Rawhide," "Hawaii Five-0," "Who's the Boss," "St. Elsewhere," "Hill Street Blues" and "The Drew Carey Show."

Janice 'Jan' Miner
(Ensemble Player)

Stage, Screen, Radio, and Television Actress, and Spokesperson

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Vesper George School of Art, Boston, MA


1945 Brownstone Theatre
1946 Boston Blackie
1947 Casey, Crime Photographer
1947 Mysterious Traveler
1947 Lora Lawton
1948 Radio City Playhouse
1950 Dimension X
1951 The Falcon
1951 The Land Of the Free
1951 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
1951 Cavalcade Of America
1951 American Portraits
1952 The Big Show
1952 The Chase
1952 I Love A Mystery
1953 That Hammer Guy
1953 Hilltop House
1953 Best Plays
1953 Rocky Fortune
1954 Inheritance
1955 The Adventures Of the Abbots
1955 21st Precinct
1955 X Minus One
1956 CBS Radio Workshop
1956 This Is My Story
1961 The Eternal Light
1964 Theatre Five
1964 NBC Experiment In Drama

Jan Miner ca. 1943
Jan Miner ca. 1943

Jan Miner ca. 1947
Jan Miner ca. 1947

Jan Miner circa 1950
Jan Miner circa 1950

Jan Miner in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Stratford Conn. ca. 1982
Jan Miner in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Stratford Conn. ca. 1982

Famed actress and drama coach, Eva Galliene
Famed actress and drama coach, Eva Galliene, ca. 1949
Pop-Culture Icon of the 1980s Jan Miner as 'Madge' the Palmolive Manicurist
Pop-Culture Icon of the 1980s Jan Miner as 'Madge' the Palmolive Manicurist
Born October 15, 1917 in Boston, the daughter of a dentist and a painter, she attended the Vesper George School of Art in Boston and then trained as an actor with Lee Strasberg, Ira Cirker, David Craig and Don Richardson.

During the 1940s, Jan Miner co-starred as Mary Wesley on the syndicated radio detective drama Boston Blackie (1945-49), on the NBC dramatic anthology Radio City Playhouse (1948-50) , and on Casey, Crime Photographer (1947-1954) as Ann Williams, fellow star reporter for the fictional 'Morning Express'.

In Television, she reprised her role of Ann Williams on the 1951 CBS newspaper drama Crime Photographer. She also appeared as a regular on the NBC dramatic anthology Robert Montgomery Presents (1954-56). Years later, Miner portrayed Gertrude Stein in the TV adaptation of the stage play Gertrude Stein and Companion (1991) and as Aunt Agatha on a guest starring role of the 1940s-based sitcom Remember Wenn (1997).

Miner's Film credits included the role of Lenny Bruce's mother, Sally Marr, in the film Lenny (1974) with Dustin Hoffman and as the Mother Superior in the film Mermaids (1980) with Cher.

Already famous for her 27-year role as spokesperson Madge the Manicurist for the long-running Palmolive dishwashing liquid campaign, it's reported that in 1991, A&W Root Beer persuaded Jan Miner to moonlight as Madge for an ad campaign that had her soaking her hand in a mug of root beer.

It's also reported that she made the long-running Palmolive commercials in French, German, Danish and Italian. She was coached in French by legendary actress Eva Le Gallienne, who she knew through fellow actor, Staats Cotsworth from her Casey, Crime Photographer days. Of her time spent as Madge the Manicurist for 27 years, she was quoted as remarking, "I'd dip my hands in Palmolive the rest of my life."

Jan's Stage experience included Broadway and the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, CT. Jan Miner made her stage debut in Light Up the Sky (1958) at the Playhouse in Cincinnati and at the Webster Playhouse in Massachusetts. Over the years, Jan frequently appeared on stage with her actor/screenwriter husband of 35 years, Richard Merrell, in such plays as Hume Cronyn's The Gin Game, in Night Must Fall, High Spirits, and Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

It's likely that most of her fans will remember Jan Miner for her role as Madge, the Manicurist. But her roles as Mary Wesley in Boston Blackie and Ann Williams in Casey Crime Photographer will continue to endear her to thousands of new fans over the years to come--through the magic of The Golden Age of Radio and its wonderfully preserved recordings.

Edward Gildea 'Ted' De Corsia
(Mike Hammer)
Stage, Screen, Radio, and Television Actor

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

1934 Time Marches On
1939 Cavalcade Of America
1939 The Shadow
1939 What's My Name?
1940 Columbia Workshop
1941 Joe and Mabel
1941 Great Plays
1942 Suspense
1943 The Adventures of Ellery Queen
1943 Treasury Star Parade
1944 Columbia Presents Corwin
1945 Treasury Salute
1946 McGarry and His Mouse
1947 Theatre Guild On the Air
1947 Crime Club
1947 Casey, Crime Photographer
1948 Cavalcade of America
1948 Ford Theatre
1948 Gang Busters
1948 The Big Story
1948 Inner Sanctum
1949 My Favorite Husband
1949 Pat Novak, For Hire
1949 Let George Do It
1949 The Whistler
1949 This Is Your FBI
1949 Richard Diamond, Private Detective
1949 Lux Radio Theatre
1949 Escape
1950 T-Man
1950 Pursuit
1950 Famiy Theatre
1950 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
1950 The Adventures Of Christopher London
1950 Hallmark Playhouse
1950 Night Beat
1950 Screen Director's Playhouse
1950 The Adventures of Maisie
1950 Mr President
1951 The Adventures Of the Saint
1951 The Line-Up
1951 The Silent Men
1952 The Pendleton Story
1952 The Railroad Hour
1952 Wild Bill Hickok
1952 Errand Of Mercy
1952 Guest Star
1952 That Hammer Guy
1953 Stars Over Hollywood
1953 Hallmark Hall of Fame
1953 Dangerous Assignment
1953 Romance
1954 The Six Shooter
1954 Crime Classics
1954 Broadway Is My Beat
1955 You Were THere
1955 The Lone Ranger
1955 The Adventure of Captain Courage
1955 The Freedom Story
1955 By the People
1957 CBS Radio Workshop
1958 Frontier Gentleman
Ted DeCorsia circa 1955
Ted De Corsia circa 1955

Ted De Corsia (far left) appears with Harry Von Zell as one of the ensemble actors for Time Marches On (1934)
Ted De Corsia (far left) appears with Harry Von Zell as one of the ensemble actors for Time Marches On! (1934)

Rugged Ted DeCorsia assumed the role of Mike Hammer for the entire Hollywood production run of That Hammer Guy
From the April 12, 1973 Edition of the Long Beach Press-Telegram:

Villain actor Ted De Corsia dies 

     Character actor TED De CORSIA, whose career included stints in radio, motion pictures and television died Wednesday at 69 in Encino.  Death was attributed to natural causes.
     Known best for his portrayals of villains, the veteran actor held radio series roles in March of Time, Ellery Queen and the Hallmark Theater.
     His movie credits include roles in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," "Naked City," "Lady From Shanghai," "The Outriders" and "Folsom Prison."
     De Corsia played Mike Hammer in the 1950s in the "Mickey Spillane Mysteries" television series.
     He is survived by two daughters, DIERDRE De CORSIA of San Francisco and MRS. WILLIAM SHIRK of Santa Barbara.

We remain huge fans of Ted De Corsia's body of work over the years. We'd even take issue with the above obituary's characterization of Ted De Corsia as a 'Villain'. Though most of his Film credits were indeed as mostly heavies, we found the greater majority of De Corsia's Radio and Television work to be a wonderfully diverse mixture of characterizations.

If we have any regrets over Ted De Corsia's myriad characterizations, it's that he didn't appear in more series' as the lead. He certainly had the voice, talent and presence to command more leading roles. In all likelihood he was simply a victim of his own remakable success in portraying literally thousands of heavies or other gruff, blustering stereotypes over his long and distinquished career. Ted De Corsia had lead roles as Detective Dan McGarry in McGarry and His Mouse (1946), as Inspector Peter Black in Pursuit! (1950), as Mike Hammer in That Hammer Guy (1952) and as Captain Christopher Courage in The Adventure of Captain Courage (1955).

De Corsia's performances over both Radio and Television remain our overall favorites. Ruggedly handsome and imposing, when his millions of Radio fans finally got the opportunity to 'see' his visage in Television the voice clearly matched the 'presence.'

We've highlighted his work in many of our other articles, including 26 by Corwin, The Adventures of Maisie, Bold Venture, Boston Blackie, Columbia Workshop, CBS Radio Workshop, Christopher London, Dr. Kildare, Escape!, Frontier Gentleman, Great Plays, Hallmark Playhouse, Let George Do It, Line Up, Molle Mystery Theater, Murder Clinic, Mystery In the Air, Night Beat, Pat Novak for Hire, Pursuit, Richard Diamond, Rogues Gallery, Secret Agent K-7 Returns, The Silent Men, T-Man, That Hammer Guy, and The Saint.

A life-long Brooklyn Dodgers fan, Ted De Corsia even went as far as to ask the announcer of one of his regular programs--Joe and Mabel (1941)--to announce on air The Bums' scores during relevant performances. During the New York broadcasts of The Adventures of Ellery Queen, Ted De Corsia owned a poultry farm near New York, often selling his eggs to other members of the Ellery Queen cast and production crew.

Ted De Corsia had one of those voices that remain almost instantly recognizable, much in the vein of Jackson Beck, Raymond Burr, Robert Strauss, Bill Conrad, Marvin Miller, and Paul Frees. The type of 'register' that invariably gets the woofer vibrating well beyond the norm in anyone's home theater system. With that barrel chest, those piercing eyes, hands like hamhocks, and a neck like an ox, Ted De Corsia's presence in any medium always made itself known.

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