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Preserving the Golden Age of Radio for A Digital Age
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Golden Age Radio Research
Introduction to Golden Age Radio Research
A brief introduction to Golden Age Radio History research and and some observations with respect to the quality of research--or lack thereof--into the thousands of Golden Age Radio programs that have been documented during the past fifty years.

In developing our Golden Age Radio log pages we've compiled an ever-growing collection of accompanying Golden Age Radio biographies. This page is an index of all of the biographies we've developed to date.

In the process of compiling our radio logs and accompanying biographies, we've encountered several alternative resources for researching our target radio program logs. This is where you'll find a list of these resources and our experience with them.

Having completed the initial research for the growing collection Golden Age Radio programs for these pages, we've developed a protocol for researching these programs from both traditional and non-traditional resources. This is where we'll share our methodology and protocol for undertaking these research projects.

Obtaining provenances to support the conclusions and backup for our logs has simply underscored what we've intuitively understood all along. Provenances are everything. Period. If you can't nail down a provenance [proof] to support your Golden Age Radio documentation efforts, they're meaningless. Here we'll discuss provenances and their relative value in the support of a Golden Age Radio program documentation project.